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Why Vaccines are Deadly

Vaccines Are Not Safe And Effective

Vaccines Are Not Effective. They Do Not Work

Vaccines Are Not Safe. They Are Harmful.

Evidences Of Harm

How do mRNA “vaccines” work?

Dr. Tess Lawrie: COVID vaccines unsafe for human use

Dr. David Martin: Experimental mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines, they are a medical device

COVID vaccinations causing 50x the adverse effects of flu vaccines

Experts: Vaccines will cause side effects

FDA knew COVID vaccines would lead to severe adverse events, sanitized info was given to people to prevent vaccine-hesitancy

COVID vaccines kill two people for every three lives it saves

AAPS: Blood clots happen with all COVID vaccines

Do COVID vaccines disrupt women’s menstrual cycles?

Experimental mRNA vaccines could cause long term chronic illnesses

New York Times: Some recipients of experimental COVID vaccines developing rare autoimmune disease after jab

Norway officials warn frail elderly against side effects of COVID experimental vaccines

Gates tries to justify side effects of fast tracked vaccines

EMA finds vaccine link to heart inflammation

Pediatrician says heart inflammation following vaccination looked like kids were having a heart attack

Top scientist calls for halt to COVID vaccination of children

Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology confirms immune escape and dangers of spike proteins

CDC advisory panel set to meet to discuss higher-than-expected cases of myocarditis among the young vaccinated

Guillian-Barre Syndrome after COVID vaccination more common than previously reported

Salk Institute: The spike protein damages cells and causes vascular disease even without a virus

Israel reports link between rare cases of heart inflammation and COVID-19 vaccination in young men

COVID vaccine researcher admits says spike protein is a dangerous toxin

Doctors urged to be vigilant after three recipients of AstraZeneca suffer stroke

At least 18 young people develop symptoms of heart problem after COVID injection

Philippine FDA reports 79,166 adverse events, 91 deaths following COVID vaccination

U.K. Government releases shocking 15th report on adverse reactions to the covid injections

Israeli People’s Committee releases report of adverse events relating to COVID injections

15-year old dies after Pfizer COVID injection

72-year old man in CDO dies minutes after getting first AstraZeneca injection

Thousands of eye disorders including blindness reported after vaccination

Study: Herpes infection possibly linked to COVID vaccine

Vaccine injuries reach 56,869 – VAERS

Moderna and Pfizer are prone to blood clots too

US pauses Johnson & Johnson vaccine, citing “rare” blood clots

Countries report increased cases after using Sinovac vaccine

EMA confirms: AstraZeneca vaccine linked to rare blood clots

EMA reviews Johnson & Johnson clot link, widens AstraZeneca probe

Germany restricts AstraZeneca jab to ages 60 and over

What is pathogenic priming?

More than 5,000 people who received mRNA vaccine experienced adverse effects

Four Pfizer trial volunteers developed Bell’s palsy but FDA denies it was caused by the shot

Briefing document on Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine shows evidence of pathogenic priming among older adults

Sinovac vaccine trial in Brazil halted after serious adverse event

Johnson & Johnson halts coronavirus vaccine clinical trial after participant experience “adverse event”

UN admits polio outbreak in Sudan caused by Gates’ funded oral vaccine

AstraZeneca pauses clinical trials due to safety issue

Health workers got emergency treatment after Pfizer vaccine shot

Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality (Video)