July 24, 2024

European doctors and lawyers launch lawsuit against the authorization of Pfizer COVID vaccine for children

European doctors and lawyers launch lawsuit against the authorization of Pfizer COVID vaccine for children

The following article was published by The Daily Expose last July 11, 2021. In this article, the authors report on the lawsuit filed against the European Union’s authorization for the use of Pfizer COVID vaccines among children. The lawsuit was initially filed by Italian lawyer Renate Holzeisen and is now supported by several doctors, including Dr. Michael Palmer, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, and Dr. Stefan Hockertz.

In the lawsuit, Holzeisen asserts that there is evidence showing that the vaccines were not properly tested and that they can lead to death. Holzeisen demands that permission for these products be withdrawn as they are unsafe and not fit for human use.

Holzeisen is also currently fighting on behalf of hundreds of regional health workers who are being made to take the vaccine against their will.

The full, 20-page expert testimony, along with the lawsuit can be accessed here: https://dailyexpose.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/expert-evidence-Pfizer-children.pdf

Editor’s Note: More of these lawsuits can be expected in the next few months as more evidence of the toxicity of the vaccines is being revealed. In the same manner, we can expect these forces from the “other side” to fight back, and they will use our governments against us.

In fact, they have already started, with countries attempting to impose mandatory vaccinations and re-use the fear appeal strategy [see Governments, private institutions promote forced vaccination by other means, Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission and Scientists admit: Use of fear to control behavior during the COVID crisis was totalitarian]. We are also seeing the rise of new disinformation campaigns on almost all fronts. See these two examples from the Philippines [see photos below].

And if vaccines only have mild side effects, as the World Health Organization wants you to believe, then why does the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) show hundreds of thousands of adverse effects following vaccinations? If the vaccine was safe and effective, as the Department of Health (DOH) keeps on repeating, why does the VAERS show that 45,000 people died within a period of 3 days following a COVID vaccination? [Read DHHS Whistleblower: COVID vaccines kill 45,000 people within 3 days; lawsuit filed to stop mass vaccinations immediately to learn more]. These claims are obviously lies. So is the statement of Duterte that the Delta variant is more aggressive and fatal [see Delta and Other Variants: Fear Appeal for Permanent Lockdowns, Killer Vaccines. Strengthening Natural Immunity the Way Out.]. There is no proof that the Delta variant is more fatal [also read Delta not causing increase in COVID hospitalizations and Delta variant being used to sell COVID vaccines but no proof the variant is deadly].

We hope that by now, people are immune to the lies and that you can now see the huge damage caused by our governments’ wrong policies. We hope that like the other countries of the world, the Filipino people would wake up. If we don’t then we can expect more of the suffering that we have been experiencing the past 16 months.

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