July 22, 2024

Delta variant being used to sell COVID vaccines but no proof the variant is deadly

Delta variant being used to sell COVID vaccines but no proof the variant is deadly

This article by Charlotte Jee published by the MIT Technology Review last June 15, 2021, tells us that the Delta COVID-19 variant doubles the risk of hospitalization compared to the original Alpha strain. It cites a study published by The Lancet which also showed that full vaccination offers significant protection.

Editor’s Note: We are adding this article here today to show you that there is a new batch of media outlets reporting false, fear-based news. The amping up of Delta variant clinical outcomes is a continuation of the year-long COVID propaganda which aims to sell the vaccines. We must not believe these lies.

Here are the facts we know about the Delta variant:

Figure 1: Daily Cases in India, Graph from Worldometers
Figure 2: Daily COVID deaths in India, graph from Worldometers
  • As can be seen in figure 3 below, the death rate and recovery rate in India remains unchanged even with the “spike” in cases from April to May. Where is proof that the Delta variant was more deadly?
Figure 3: Recovery rate vs. death rate in India, graph from Worldometers
  • At its peak, India’s COVID deaths were three per million people (see figure 4 below). Let us repeat that: three (3) per million people. We must remember that India has over 1.3 billion population. Its health care system was always on the verge of collapse. If there is one country that will be utterly devastated by a truly deadly virus, it would be India. If the Delta variant was truly deadly, we will see it ravage the population. And yet, we don’t. After a brief period of increase in the number of cases and deaths, India is managing COVID fairly well. As of June 26, 2021, India is back to 0.96 deaths per million people.
Figure 4: Daily confirmed COVID deaths per million people, India, graph from Our World in Data
  • Meanwhile, in the US and UK, the highest mortality rate is at 9.51 per million people and 18.35 per million people, respectively. This happened in February when the Delta variant was newly discovered.
  • Today, death rates in most countries have stabilized. As can be seen in figure 5 below, COVID deaths in India, US, UK, and Canada is nowhere near the original surges. Meanwhile, India’s daily COVID deaths are still much lower compared to the other three countries despite having a more “contagious” and “dangerous” variant. In figure 6, we see that India’s case fatality rate is still so much lower than that of the UK, US, and Canada. Another notable feature of figure 6 is that in the US, UK, and Canada where the Delta variant is said to be “rapidly” spreading, death rates seem to be relatively unchanged since December 2020. There simply is no proof that the Delta variant is of global significance. If anything, it is signaling that the virus is mutating so that it can co-habit a living host [this, according to science is the way towards endemicity, learn more through these articles New study shows the path towards endemic COVID and HART: Good news being ignored by mainstream media, COVID is becoming milder].
Figure 5: Daily new confirmed COVID deaths per million people in India, US, UK and Canada, graph from Our World In Data.
Figure 6: Case Fatality Rate in India, UK, US, and Canada, graph from Our World In Data.

So yes, we can confidently say, all this talk about the Delta variant is no more than a sales pitch for the vaccine. “They” are hoping that you are scared out of your wits to realize that they are using the same strategies as before. They hope that you won’t notice the evidence against their lies.

The “doubled hospital risk” stated by MIT is not about increased disease severity, but because people are going to hospitals even at the slightest sign of minor illness. It is panic that is causing hospitalization, not the variant.

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  1. Cases in India reversed precipitously this spring because the government dramatically widened its program of distributing Covid Kits that included IVERMECTIN. This is clearly shown when the statistics on IVERMECTIN expanded use begins compared to the case curve direction. And that was WITH the Delta variant.

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