January 28, 2023

CCH’s Framework for Following and Analyzing World Events

he Covid lockdown forced vaccinations and other Covid abuses are but the beginning expression of this capacity for global control. CCH is one of an increasing number of groups around the world that is rallying humans all over to engage in the ultimate battle for the future of the human spirit.

We would like our readers to understand the framework we are using in researching, analyzing, writing, and sharing our articles with readers. There are massive developments in world affairs and one can easily get lost in terms of choosing those of strategic significance, those that will have the most immediate and significant impact on our lives. We explain this using Figure 1 below.


We started with the COVID issue. As evidenced from our research and writing the past 2-1/2 years available in this website, the Covid issue is a huge scam. The policies are highly irrational, unscientific, and often involved fraud. The so-called Covid vaccines, which are, in reality, bioweapons are extremely dangerous and of very limited efficacy. The policies are not about our health. They are clearly about control.

These dangerous policies do not just appear out of nowhere. They are determined by INSTITUTIONS. In the Covid case, they include healthy regulatory agencies (CDC, FDA, EMA, DOH, WHO, etc.) They also include government, scientific bodies, pharmaceutical companies, foundations, research institutions, specialized civil society organizations, hospitals, legal firms, businesses, and many others. The Covid scamdemic was and is very powerful because of the collusion of many of these corrupt institutions with each other.

MEDIA is also an institution. But we have created a special category for mainstream media (MSM) and social media (FB, Youtube, Twitter, Google, etc). These are the amplifiers of the messages of the powers that control the institutions that run the Covid scamdemic. They are the bullhorns to censor truthful narratives, spread disinformation and consciously magnify fear, that predisposes people to manipulation.

This has always been the case in the past. But what is unique and super obvious in our time is the visible activity of the network of super-rich individuals and their elitist global institutions aggressively pushing a GREAT RESET towards a NEW WORLD ORDER.

They have many institutions connected with the New World Order. The more visible ones are the World Economic Forum (WEF), Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Atlantic Council, Tavistock Institute, Aspen Institute, and the UN. Unfortunately, the UN has become a mere instrument of these individuals and institutions advancing the agenda of the New World Order.

Let us remain at this level, for now, the level of the New World Order. You will notice that when one looks at the phenomena of the war in UKRAINE, the levers of influence and causation work in a similar manner to what we have seen and are seeing with the Covid scamdemic.  There are different sets of institutions involved (Russian government, Ukraine government, NATO, EU, and so on.)

Media is also crucial to our understanding of the war in Ukraine. There is so much disinformation in this area of analysis. The battle over information and disinformation is recognized by the military of both sides as a necessary component in the conduct of this war. So, in addition to the actual military war, you have the war on disinformation using MSM and Social Media. Furthermore, you also have an active economic war.

Then again, behind all the institutions active in the war in Ukraine, the influence of the New World Order (NWO) is clearly visible. For example, the CIA, the US State Department, George Soros institutions and other NWO institutions planned and executed the Maidan Coup of 2014 in Ukraine. The event is one of the key triggering factors for the current war in Ukraine. (See our articles and public seminars for more information about this.)   

We will also see the same pattern when we explore the RESETS aspect of Figure 1. Whether it is the Climate Reset, the Energy Reset, the Digital Reset, the Financial Reset, and other kinds of Reset, we can discern the puppet masters in and behind the relevant institutions. The ever-present MSM and Social Media are also actively promoting disinformation to make these Resets palatable. Overseeing this diversity of institutions is the NWO.

Now we come to a very important realization. ALL INSTITUTIONS ARE MADE UP OF HUMAN BEINGS. And all these human beings carry a worldview and a set of values that govern their behavior. Collectively, the convergence of these values and behaviors is what we can broadly call CULTURE. One who controls the Culture controls all the institutions that are a mere expression of this Culture.

For example, the Culture of the NWO is scientism and its expression in social Darwinism and technocracy. In addition, despite their avowed materialism and atheism, huge segments of the NWO elite espouse Satanism. That is their culture. Without this knowledge, it becomes difficult to understand why the NWO wants to depopulate the planet, set up Big Brother or 1984-type 24/7 surveillance systems, destroy democracies and set up totalitarian and fascist government systems, and ultimately advance transhumanism and the extinction of human species.

As explained by a KGB defector, the first step in enrolling a country into the control orbit of the NWO is to destroy the morality of that country. The culture wars involving sadistic aspects of the LGBTQ+ movement is a visible expression of this strategy of the NWO puppet masters.  CCH has no problems with gays and lesbians and other expressions of genders. But when these movements become tools of social capture and control, especially of the lives of innocent children, then this is no longer about gender sensitivity and respect. This is about the distortion of human morals and values and the massive and gross violations of children and pre-teenagers.

In the end worldviews and values emanate from the HUMAN BEING. If one is mostly unconscious in terms of one’s relationship to these layers of causality and causation, then one can fall victim to the conscious lies and programming of the NWO. One is then easily indoctrinated to support the manipulative culture and belief system.

However, if one is awake to all the machinations, one can practice “structuration”. One becomes an agent of change in the different layers of the system. Structuration can take many forms. Resistance is one typical form. With a resistance of various kinds (eg. Litigation, demonstration, dissemination of alternative and more truthful information), then one moves from being a mere consumer of information to an active shaper of the future of humanity, even if only in small increments.

CCH is ultimately about helping all humans around the world recognize that a tiny tyrannical global elite has started rolling out an outrageous, extremely harmful control grid with stunning speed around the world. The Covid lockdown forced vaccinations and other Covid abuses are but the beginning expression of this capacity for global control. CCH is one of an increasing number of groups around the world that is rallying humans all over to engage in the ultimate battle for the future of the human spirit. If we do, then we can push back the totalitarian and totally meaningless and depressive future that awaits all humanity in the age of the Great Reset. Join us in this struggle. Help humanity by spreading evidence-based news and analysis with all your networks. Our thinking creates reality. Our thinking has to be strong and courageous enough to break through the fog of disinformation and censorship. We deserve a real human future, not one under the control of global demonic leaders who have zero compassion for all that is truly human.

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3 thoughts on “CCH’s Framework for Following and Analyzing World Events

  1. You’re a blessing from God to humanity. You’re His instrument for us to realize that Biblical Prophesies about end times are real and you are showing us how. As Christians, it’s really important for us to be informed of how these events are unfolding so that are reactions become more logical and deliberate. Without your thoughtful work, much much more people wouldn’t have been aware of how the global elites are trying to force their agenda on us. May God bless you more.

  2. I commend you on your analytical framework. It goes a long way towards parsing current events. Please allow me to offer some additional thoughts. I do not intend to detract from your approach, only to augment it.

    Let’s start with a retrospective of the last three years. The intent is to answer this question: Was there a better way to have fought the powers that be (TPTB) in order to reverse their agenda on Covid?

    Here is the key:
    “Asymptomatic spread, which has no sound basis, was used to justify lockdowns, which never had any basis in fact or science either. … Without symptoms, your viral load is too low to pose a threat, either to yourself or others. The myth about asymptomatic spread has been a fear tactic.” Dr. Michael Yeadon

    This was always the key point, which should have been hammered relentlessly by anti-vaxx anti-lockdown forces. But instead, they were all over the map, trying to attack ten different issues at once, to the detriment of all. They simultaneously were “getting the word out” about susceptibility, vaxx side-effects, alternative therapeutics, pharma’s statistical games, mask uselessness, child innate immune systems, illegal mandates, etc., etc.

    Never once did they take a step back and analyze the entire situation. Never once did they attempt to place all issues into a weighted hierarchy of relative importance. If they had, they would have seen that the myth of asymptomatic Covid infection was at the top. It was the one they should have spent 80% of their efforts on to convince the public, and to stop the government from its mandates and lockdowns. By successfully attacking the myth of asymptomatic spread, they could have broken open a logjam with respect to public perception of government, that then would have freed up every other issue. (A side note: it is also my contention that we are NOT in an information war, instead we are in a perception war.)

    But no, for more than three years this did not happen, and it is still not happening. Here is my explanation: I now think that the anti-vax anti-lockdown forces have their own special brand of mass formation. It appears that with the degradation of education all over the western world, most people do not know how to think in weighted hierarchical categories anymore. Thus they have no idea how to get to the heart of a complex situation.

    Instead, the zeitgeist we live in is the siren song of equality, and it has infected everybody’s thinking. No more hierarchies, all ideas are equal. However, people are utterly oblivious to the framework in which they have constrained their thinking. So everybody is a member of the woke, whether they know it or not, just some are more inclined than others. Unfortunately, the people in this age have become their own worst enemies.

  3. This resistance initiative serves as the kernel for positive action rallying all believers in God’s plan for humanity, but first, to break the mindset of conformity

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