February 25, 2024

Vaccines may turn out to be deadlier than COVID


In this July 30, 2021 article for The Conservative Woman, Neville Hodgkinson assesses the value offered by vaccines in ending the COVID “pandemic”.

Looking at new data from Israel and Gibraltar, two of the most COVID-vaccinated nations in the world which primarily uses the Pfizer mRNA injections, Hodgkinson says, “Sacrifices made in life and liberty are beginning to look less worthwhile”.

Hodgkinson says that the vaccine promise is failing as these two countries are now suffering from COVID infections occurring at least two weeks after full vaccination (breakthrough infections). He cites a study from Hebrew University which found that Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness is now at 16% [this is even lower than what we have previously reported in Pfizer’s efficacy drops in Israel, cannot prevent people from getting COVID Delta variant].

The article also goes on to outline some of the anomalies in the tracking and monitoring of adverse events in Israel and how the government is directly linked to this coverup. Hodgkinson closes his article with the following words from the Israeli People’s Committee: “Is this a case where the drug is more deadly than the disease? Or is it equally, or less, deadly? We can only come to a true conclusion if comprehensive data is revealed in real-time and if the press, which is supposed to be free and a watchdog of democracy, will remain on guard and raise the alarm when necessary.”

Editor’s Note: This article shows us another aspect of the COVID panic that is not being reported in the media. COVID vaccines have caused injuries, and governments have been helping coverup these injuries by failing to install effective monitoring systems to assess the safety and effectiveness of these experimental products.

As new data about breakthrough cases come out from various countries around the world, we are now left with the question: did our governments knowingly sacrifice our economies, wellbeing, and our children’s futures for nothing? The CDC has stopped counting the number of fully vaccinated people who are contracting the virus, hence giving the impression that it is the unvaccinated that is being infected [see CDC changes reporting protocol for breakthrough cases]

We must remember that this cannot be a case of “we didn’t know any better”. In the Philippines, we have warned the government of the damaging consequences of lockdowns as early as April 2020 [see COVID-19 PANDEMIC: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE]. We have offered solutions based on decades of global experience and the most updated researches about COVID at the time. If the “health experts” and “consultants” to the pandemic task force in the Philippines were truly the experts they claim to be, they would have seen what we saw then.

We can only come up with two reasons for the continued use of useless lockdowns, face masks, face shields, and the insistence for universal inoculation of ineffective vaccines. These experts are not doing enough research, or they are profiting from the policies they are implementing. We are sure that their decisions are no longer scientifically based, what then, is their agenda?

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