February 29, 2024

Pfizer’s efficacy drops in Israel, cannot prevent people from getting COVID Delta variant


In this July 5, 2021 article for Bloomberg, Alisa Odenheimer and Damian Shepherd reports that Pfizer’s effectiveness has dropped from 94% to 64% in recent weeks. According to the report, Pfizer is less effective at preventing people from getting the coronavirus, but it continues to provide a strong shield against severe COVID.

Pfizer spokeswoman Dervila Keane says that the evidence shows that the vaccine continues to protect against the variants.

Editor’s Note: Before we discuss the points made in this article, we just want to clarify some of the terms used and claims made in this article. First, Pfizer was never 94% effective. It did, however, receive a 94% efficacy rating based on clinical trials. There is a huge difference between effectiveness and efficacy, as has been discussed in previous articles on this website [see COVID vaccines not as effective as you think and Study: Public misled about the efficacy reports of mRNA vaccines].

Second, we wish to correct the statement which said, “the data showed that the shot is protecting people from severe illness”. First, the vaccine has no capacity to protect anyone from any illness. It contains no protective antibodies that can fight off disease. Instead, it was only designed to educate the immune system to recognize the COVID virus through the spike proteins, so that the immune system can create antibodies to protect the body. Without a healthy immune system, the vaccine will fail [to understand this better, read COVID ‘vaccine failure’ more likely if you have a weakened immune system].

We think these two points are very important because they will help you see the problem with the article from Bloomberg.

One issue we see is this: how can health authorities be so sure that the low COVID death rate in Israel (in any country in the world) is due to the vaccine? For one, no other country in the world, not even the UK where the Delta variant accounts for 90% of new cases, has increased case fatality rates (CFR).

Image 1: Case Fatality of all countries, superimposed in one graph, from Our World In Data

As you can see in image 1 above most countries had an almost flat CFR since November 2020. Some countries started to experience drops in CFR as early as April 2020, while others never really experienced any surges in deaths. [1]To see the CFR graph per country, we recommend you visit https://ourworldindata.org/covid-cases. Make sure to choose Case Fatality Rate as a metric.

How is this possible, when the very first COVID shot was administered in the UK on December 8, 2020[2]https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55227325 – almost a month since CFRs have stabilized around the world? Another fact we want to point out is that some countries, for example, the Philippines, have very low vaccination rates. As of July 6, 2021, the Philippines has vaccinated only 8.26% of its population, and only 2.67% have been given two doses. Why is the Philippines not experiencing surges despite having a low vaccination rate? The only other explanation is natural immunity.

Now with regards to Pfizer becoming less efficacious due to the Delta variant, we already knew this would happen. In a previous article, Dr. Byram Bridle spoke about the narrow immunity provided by vaccine-induced immunity [see Pro-vaccine immunologist: “I would probably prefer to have natural immunity]. Remember that the Pfizer vaccine (and indeed most other COVID vaccines) was already totally ineffective against the B.1.351 variant, better known as the South African variant. Despite health experts saying that the South variant was more contagious[3]https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55534727, and the lack of vaccines that can work against it, well, nothing happened to the world. The CFR remained stable.

The RT-PCR tests have created the illusion that COVID was contagious. But CFR shows it was safe for the world to eased out of lockdowns long before the vaccines were available. Now they are trying to sell the narrative that new variants are more dangerous. Again, there is nothing in the data that can prove this.

And if you’ve seen the articles Almost 50% infected with Delta variant in Israel are fully vaccinated, New lies revealed: Death rate from Delta variant 6x higher among fully vaccinated and Vaccines do not fully control Delta variant: Majority of COVID deaths are from vaccinated. Evidence of dangerous ADE at work, then you know that it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated who is at greater risk of due to the variants [the science behind this is explained best by the article Understanding the difference between natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity. Also, this again reveals that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a liar, see Delta variant being used to sell COVID vaccines but no proof the variant is deadly].

Also, if they tell you that a new variant has “unusual” mutations, don’t believe them. Remember that the virus has many components, and the vaccine manufacturers only chose to focus on mimicking the toxic spike proteins [see Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology confirms immune escape and dangers of spike proteins, Salk Institute: The spike protein damages cells and causes vascular disease even without a virus, and COVID vaccine researcher admits says spike protein is a dangerous toxin]. The truth is that the vaccine was simply too narrowly designed to make any meaningful contribution to COVID immunity.

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1 To see the CFR graph per country, we recommend you visit https://ourworldindata.org/covid-cases. Make sure to choose Case Fatality Rate as a metric
2 https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55227325
3 https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55534727

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