June 20, 2024

Dr. Robert Malone: COVID vaccines are causing the virus to become more infectious


In this 10-minute War Room video released last July 28, 2021, Dr. Robert Malone, physician and inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, warns that new data is now showing that the COVID vaccines are causing antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

In the video, Malone explains what ADE is, and says that this is not a new occurrence. He says that the phenomenon was also observed in other vaccines for other illnesses such as the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Dengvaxia [also read SARS-CoV-2 vaccines can make you sick, volunteers in human trials uninformed of risks and Did we forget our lessons from Dengvaxia?]. He adds that ADE has happened in virtually all coronavirus vaccines developed in history and has been a serious concern among vaccinologists from the very beginning of the mass COVID vaccine rollouts.

Malone goes on to explain why ADE is first showing up in Pfizer vaccines. He says, “We now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at 6 months, and what the data seemed to suggest is those who have received Pfizer – which is probably the least immunogenic of the 3 in terms of durability and length of protection – are now in the waning phase of the immune response and seem to be getting infected”.

Malone adds, “The government seems to be obfuscating what is happening here. I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but what it seems to be rolling out is the worst-case scenario where the vaccine in the waning phase is causing the virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise”.

When asked about the effects of vaccines on the mutations of COVID-19, Dr. Malone states that the mutation is “another misleading set of statements from Dr. Fauci. The escape mutants that are escaping vaccine selecting pressure are most likely developing in the people that have been vaccinated, not in the unvaccinated, so that’s just another convenient lie”.

Dr. Malone also states that if the data showing that vaccinated people have higher viral loads compared to the unvaccinated, then this confirms ADE and the government must immediately stop vaccine rollouts.

Editor’s Note: The NBC report being referred to by Dr. Malone in the video was immediately deleted from the USA Today website, but several internet users were able to take a screen shot. In place of this report, a new one, which talks about how the vaccinated are also carriers of the virus, hence necessitating the reimposition of masking mandates for the vaccinated.[1]https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/07/27/covid-vaccine-variant-hospitalization-children-mask-mandates/5380480001/

From the beginning of this website, we have been warning against the dangers of vaccines and why we should not rely on it as a sole strategy out of the pandemic. In a previous article, A touted COVID-19 vaccine has already harmed people, Nicanor discussed the dangerous history of coronavirus vaccines, but not a single public health official, in the Philippines or abroad, bothered to impose safeguards to ensure that pathogenic priming and ADE was not occurring. Instead of keeping a close eye on indicators that could show the possibility of pathogenic priming and ADE, our governments have instead, became the advertisers and apologists for vaccine companies.

The blatant lies being peddled by governments and “public health experts” we were told to trust are indicative of the reality that they have a different agenda for pushing vaccines. Their use of new variants to fuel fear, and their refusal to accept that it is the vaccinated are public health hazards, shows us that these vaccines are here, not to save humanity from illness and death [Read Delta and Other Variants: Fear Appeal for Permanent Lockdowns, Killer Vaccines. Strengthening Natural Immunity the Way Out. See also the videos in our new YouTube channel: Gusto mong mauna? Magpabakuna! Part 1].

We must not forget how, in the middle of this “pandemic” the livelihood of the poor and marginalized were sacrificed, despite science showing that lockdowns do not work. We must remember how our governments have violated our children’s rights when they closed schools despite science showing that it was unnecessary. We must hold our leaders accountable for violating our constitutionally protected rights when they implemented useless coronavirus policies.

Lastly, we must remember that all these revelations from Dr. Malone strengthen the fact that there is no scientific basis for implementing mandatory vaccinations or vaccine passports. The unvaccinated should not be treated as second-class citizens – there is nothing in science that makes it rational and just.

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47 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Malone: COVID vaccines are causing the virus to become more infectious

  1. What about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Not much information on it. Is it safer than the others?

    1. Robert Felix of Ice age now.info died after getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. No
      one dies of rheumatoid arthritis.

  2. The J & J vaccine is clearly less effective as compared to the other 2, and professionals are advising to use the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines instead.

  3. Many people are facing a dilemma by the mandatory experimental “vaccine” being forced upon them by schools, government agencies and private employers under the threat of losing their jobs or their school enrollment.

    Ivermectin has been shown to inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2, diminish the viral load, and protect against organ damage. It has multiple, potent anti-inflammatory properties, and studies have found Ivermectin to have one of the highest binding affinities to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. In an interview, Dr. Pierre Kory indicated it could be helpful at mitigating some of the more serious adverse reactions experienced after the COVID “vaccines.”

    For those faced with the impossible choice of losing their health or losing their livelihood, is it possible that Ivermectin could also mitigate the worst effects of the spike protein generated through the “vaccine” if taken prophylactically before the COVID “vaccine” shot is received?

    1. Based on the method of action of Ivermectin, we can indeed say that Ivermectin can prevent greater vaccine damage when taken prophylactically [see https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2021/06/28/how-ivermectin-prevents-covid-19-and-possibly-protects-the-unvaccinated-from-toxic-spike-proteins-being-shed-by-the-vaccinated/%5D.

      Of course, there is limited data on this, but we know of some doctors recommending that their patients take ivermectin before taking the COVID shot to prevent the produced spike proteins from binding with cells. This is of course is not a fool-proof alternative. There is no better way to avoid vaccine adverse events than to reject the shot altogether.

  4. Dr. Robert Young made a very profound spectrum laboratory analysis of 4 jabs and verified the inclusion of [toxic] graphene was included in the development of each jab to make it a bioweapon. The writing has been deleted from his website.

  5. 3 or 4 states in India have had 86-75% covid reduction with Ivermectin, The nation has filed murder charges against WHO spokesman.

  6. For your consideration.

    Physician Dr. Charles Hoffe report tiny blood clots from jabs that can be detected only by D-dimer test. They destroy non-regenerative cells which causes many fatal ailments.

    Dr, Robert Fleming has given much insight to covid in an interview with Mike Adams. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/08/23/indian-bar-association-charges-who-chief-scientist-for-mass-murder/.
    Richard Fleming has detailed discussion, claims private funding, of development, purposes and objectives. The purpose of a good bioweapon is not to kill but to debilitate the oppressed and allow control. https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=61159dcec40e8c4bfbd8cb0b also at

  7. Hello,

    I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a Doctor, Epidemiologists, Virologist or Scientist that would be willing to testify that the COVID vaccine isn’t in the best interests of children. We have a hearing on scheduled on Nov. 15th with my wife’s ex about getting my step kids vaccinated. He supposedly has an expert witness that claims it’s imperative that the kids get vaccinated.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Justin Schaul

    1. Hi Justin,

      Have you tried contacting the Doctors for Covid Ethics or America’s Frontline Doctors? They have been very active in assisting in this way. You might want to contact them through these sites:


      You might also want to use these:


  8. Yea

    synthetic folic acid in your blood, unmetabolised, will speed up your viral inclusion as so the vaccine.
    remove synthetic folic acid and replace it with real folate.. and you will find out there’s a huge difference.

    1. Hi Jake, can you give me the reference for your comment on folic acid please? That is some very crucial evidence for pregnant women, if this is true it would be very useful. thank you.

  9. Where can Robert Malone, M D be contacted? I have seen him interviewed on Newsmax and Fox News speaking about his concerns with the Covid19 vaccines. He stated that he had serious side effects from Pfizer vaccine causing a high spike in his blood pressure to 230 along with other symptoms. I also received the Pfizer vaccines, the first two and a booster 6 mos later. The booster caused me to have serious blood pressure increase for nearly a week and although I am on BP meds already, along with a blood thinner, I was ill. I contacted my cardiologist who told me to continue my meds and B P readings and to go to his office if the readings didn’t reduce. I am in Santa Rosa, CA.

  10. We really would benefit to know where physicians are practicing by zip code so that we are able to see them, having like minds about this covid fiasco,’

  11. I have just been told I will not be able to see my grandson when he is born unless I get the jab. I am 100% against getting the Covid-19 destroyer of the human body jab. Any recommendations?

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