May 29, 2023

Did We Forget Our Lessons from Dengvaxia?


The following article was written by Mauro Gia Samonte for The Manila Times and was published December 1, 2020.

In this article, Samonte reminds us of the Philippines’ experience with Dengvaxia, a vaccine for Dengue developed by Sanofi for 20 years, tested on 30,000 children for 9 years, and said to be safe. After inoculating more than 100,000 Filipino children, experts raised safety issues of the vaccine, which later prompted Sanofi to release a statement that Dengvaxia should not be given to those who have not yet had dengue.[1]

Samonte draws parallelisms between the AstraZeneca vaccine and that of Dengvaxia and proclaims that “contracting it [referring to the AstraZeneca vaccine] now by the Philippine Government can only amount to an evil experiment for turning Filipinos into guinea pigs one more time.”

Samonte also discusses new developments in biology which shows that the human body has a huge collection of viruses and bacteria that mutually co-exist [refer to Our complicated relationship with viruses]. He shares an important insight: “..if a bastardizing of nature takes place whereby a man-made pathogen attacks the body, there is no way a vaccine can go this natural way of repelling the attack, because the attack does not conform to procedure discernible by the body’s natural immune system”.

Editor’s Note: The article above came as the Philippine government signed a deal to acquire 2.6 million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine.[2]

One would think that our experience with Dengvaxia is enough to make the government cautious about vaccines, and yet, here we are. Our government is scrambling to be one of the first to import a vaccine developed in under a year, with a technology that is also untested. Is our government so naive that it expects the vaccine to miraculously solve all the problems created by the lockdowns and unscientific decision making employed in the last 8 months? [See Dr. Anthony Fauci: You cannot eradicate the coronavirus, Fauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block infection].

Experts are now saying that the COVID vaccine will have side effects. Will our health care system be able to cope when more people start exhibiting COVID-like symptoms? Or will we go into another lockdown rendering useless more months of our lives?

Remember Dengvaxia! What AstraZeneca? – The Manila Times

Remember Dengvaxia! What AstraZeneca? – The Manila Times

“FILIPINOS are no [guinea] pigs!” That could be the cry at the moment. Admittedly, AstraZeneca has never been tested yet on any people on earth. (Actually, AstraZeneca reported conducting trials of its coronavirus vaccine on 20,000 volunteers around the world. — Ed.) Contracting it now by the Philippine government can only amount to an evil […]



2 thoughts on “Did We Forget Our Lessons from Dengvaxia?

  1. I am confused, if the government is always saying “Listen to the science”. Dr. Malone and others like him are qualified professional and established in this field so able to give a qualified medical opinion: why now is that mis-information? Why are are all the old musicians want o leave Spotify,(let them go). Can they truly say Dr. Malone is lying? Who would I rather believe, the musical or the Dr? we simply want the truth, and welcome all information on the subject, both pro’s and cons.

    1. These people think that there is such a thing as “settled” science, and they mistakenly think that people employed by the government as scientists are real ones. What people forget is that these so-called “health experts” by the governments are bureaucrats, they work like politicians.

      Meanwhile, to marginalize the real scientists, they have marginalized the asking of questions. It is the dumbing down of societies at its finest.

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