May 27, 2024

Study: Herpes infection possibly linked to COVID vaccine


In this April 20, 2021 article for New York Post, Jackie Salo reports on the results of a new study conducted in Israel.

The study, published in the Rheumatology Journal, found that herpes infections may be a possible side effect of the COVID vaccine. The study found six vaccine recipients who developed a skin rash known as herpes zoster or shingles after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

The researchers, scientists from Tel Aviv Medical Center and Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, found that those with autoimmune inflamatory rheumatic diseases had a higher chance of developing herpes infections.

Editor’s Note: Again, we must repeat, all COVID vaccines have no long-term safety data. Moreover, they were tested on healthy individuals, and should not have been used on the immunocompromised. [Read Pro-vaccine immunologist: “I would probably prefer to have natural immunity” to understand why all vaccine recipients today are part of the Phase 3 clinical trials, as well as to discover the inaccuracy of the 95% efficacy reported by Pfizer].

It is not enough for drug regulators and vaccine manufacturers to deny the link between the COVID vaccine and manifesting side effects. A real study on ALL the reported adverse effects must be done, in order to create an honest cost-benefit analysis of these experimental vaccines.

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