June 16, 2024

The following article was written by Peter Doshi and published by The BMJ on September 20, 2018. The article is an investigation conducted by the journal on the Swine Flu panic of 2009, and the subsequent mass vaccination campaigns by various governments around the world.

In this article, Doshi looks at the contoversy surrounding GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)’s Pandemrix vaccine. Doshi wrote the article in 2018 following developments in a lawsuit which showed that GSK and public health officials were aware of the serious adverse effects logged in relation to the vaccine.

Editor’s Note: Yes, this may be a 2018 article, but there are many lessons that can be derived from this. For one, the 2009 fake pandemic featured the same big names as the SARS-CoV-2 scamdemic – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization (WHO), and Big Pharma. Second, the modus operandi is the same – create panic, then sell vaccines. Only this time, the panic they created spanned the globe, and has paved the way for technocrats to propose a total revamp of the world’s political and economic systems.

Third, the issue with fast tracked vaccines remain the same. Vaccine side effects are being ignored, and no government agency is willing to accept that they have made a mistake. In the past week, we have seen various “infographs” online saying that vaccines are proven safe, and that it has not caused any deaths [see photo below]. What is not being said here is that no one is really looking into the deaths following vaccination [Prof. Dolores Cahill has offered insights on how we can conclusively determine whether a death was caused by the coronavirus vaccine, see What is pathogenic priming? but there have been no reports from governments have not acted on this proposal. Moreover, mainstream media is blatantly lying by saying that vaccines have been cleared as cause of death, see How the media is pushing vaccine misinformation].

Governments have not learned from the mistakes of the past. Or perhaps we are wrong. Perhaps they have learned really well, only their lessons were not on how to better handle infectious diseases but on how they can utilize public health emergencies more effectively in eliminating opposition and putting entire populations under control.

Another example of misinformation being promoted in the Philippines

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