May 27, 2024

The following is a 10-minute video Quadriga Consulting Ltd., written and narrated by Jeffrey Peel. It compares the deaths recorded on January 2015 and January 2021 in order to determine whether the UK truly is on another wave of deadly COVID deaths which necessitates another lockdown.

According to the video, the weekly deaths on January 2015 and January 2021 are nearly identical . The difference is that in 2015, Public Health England said that the flu season was “moderate and lower than the notable season of 2010/2011”, while 2021 is being portrayed as a deadly year. Peel raised the inconsistencies in government statement, as well as the role of mandated testing that has fueled COVID panic.

Editor’s Note: Was there ever a time in the past where diseases were based only on testing and not on real clinical outcomes? Is it ethical for governments to prevent people from living their lives on the basis of tests that cannot even distinguish a genetic material from another?

The messaging behind this “scamdemic” has been centered on the “experts” who claim that they know the truth. They tell us that we, non-medical people, have no right to interpret medical information which are widely available anyway. It reminds us of the Dark Ages, when regular citizens were forbidden to read and interpret the Bible. In fact, many times, we are starting to feel that pro-lockdown and COVID-believers are already bordering on religious devotion. People are so used to “commit” to institutions and to believe on experts, that critical thinking feels wrong. Perhaps this is the problem. Unfortunately, if we continue down this path, then we can expect the same results as that of the Dark Ages, if not worse (thanks to Big Tech and the consolidation of wealth and power being pushed by The Great Reset).

As an aside, we would like to highlight that in the Philippines, 2020 has not seen excess deaths. In fact current death statistics shows that deaths in 2020 is lower than that of 2019.[1] Unless we have somehow found the cure for chronic diseases, then this points to the reality that COVID-19 has not made a real impact in our country’s health outcomes. It also highlights the fact that the impact of COVID-19 has been on our economic and mental health, thanks to the mainstream media whose reporting has fueled the panic.

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