July 24, 2024

Top scientist: COVID vaccine impact of menstrual cycles need to be investigated

Top scientist: COVID vaccine impact of menstrual cycles need to be investigated

In an article published by The BMJ last September 16, 2021, Dr. Victoria Male, a reproductive immunologist from Imperial College London said that a plausible link between COVID vaccines and menstrual period changes among women recipients must be investigated.

She says there is an increasing number of women who are approaching health providers and complaining of changes in periods and vaginal bleeding following vaccination. In fact, as of September 2, 2021, there are more than 30,000 reports of these events to the UK’s Yellow Card reporting system.

Dr. Male says, “Menstrual changed have been reported after both mRNA and adenovirus vectored covid-19 vaccines, suggesting that, if there is a connection, it is likely to be a result of the immune response to the vaccination rather than a specific vaccine component.” She adds that there are many biological mechanisms that can lead to disruption in menstrual cycles following vaccination.

She closes her article with these words: “One important lesson is that the effects of medical interventions on menstruation should not be an afterthought in future research”.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Male raised an important point in her article. These changes in the menstrual cycle fuel vaccine hesitancy especially as the issue of depopulation through vaccination has been in circulation since last year. Will these vaccines have any effect on fertility? A curious scientist who has no real agenda will definitely want to know the answer. [The depopulation agenda is slowly being substantiated by new evidence, see Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide,COVID vaccines are bioweapons. Here are the many ways they can injure you., The evidence is in: Vaccines have failed, more dangerous than the virus].

Moreover, changes in menstrual cycles are a very intimate concern. Very rarely will women want to talk about it. If the change in the menstrual period is a safety signal, and it is not being recorded during clinical trials where it matters the most, there is no way that scientists will be able to detect it once the medical intervention (in the case of this article, we refer to the vaccines) has been rolled out to the general population. In the same manner, there is no way that vaccine developers and health regulators can discover whether these menstrual cycles were truly harmless in the long term. [Also read Do COVID vaccines disrupt women’s menstrual cycles?].

If something as “simple” as this is being ignored, what more are the bigger safety signals such as neurological damage, chronic illnesses, and deaths? [Also read Long-term dangers of experimental mRNA shots, Dr. Charles Hoffe: mRNA vaccines will kill most people through heart failure, 62% already have microscopic blood clots, Research shows fully vaccinated individuals infected with COVID have become presymptomatic superspreaders].

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