February 25, 2024

Judge Removes Child Custody from Mom Who Refuses to Take the COVID Jab


In this August 28, 2021 article for Fox 32 Chicago, Dane Planko reported that a Cook County judge stripped a mother of parental rights because she was not vaccinated.

According to the report, Rebecca Firlit had a shared custody arrangement with her former spouse. On August 10, Firlit and the father of her child appeared in court via Zoom for a child support hearing, at which occasion Judge James Shapiro asked about their vaccination status. The mother said she had not taken the covid injection because she had adverse reactions from previous vaccines, whereas the father got the jab. The judge then took the unforeseen step of stripping Firlit of her parenting time with her 11-year-old son until she got the jab.

Editor’s Note: There’s another report stating the reversal[1]https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/09/22/biden-vaccine-mandate.aspx of the judge’s decision on Rebecca Firlit’s case and gave her custody of her son. It was after the backlash the decision gathered from the public after Fox 32 publicized the story.

Nonetheless, why should any court ruling be based on a party’s ‘vaccination’ status? Isn’t this a clear sign of discrimination according to vaccination status? Isn’t this a new form of segregation?

This report worries us because the courts are supposed to be the last bastion of freedom. Suppose courts have bought into the scamdemic and the vaccination narrative despite all the pieces of evidence available; in that case, we need to ask: Where are we heading from here? [Here are a few examples of tyrannical rule in supposedly democratic countries: France has toppled liberty; Judge orders man to get COVID-injection or face detentionThese countries are using COVID-19 to oppress citizens; UK taskforce: Coronavirus restrictions will remain if large numbers refuse vaccine; Australian military troops sent to Sydney to help enforce new coronavirus lockdown.

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