May 30, 2024

UK taskforce: Coronavirus restrictions will remain if large numbers refuse vaccine


Following the publication of the CCDH report wherein 1/3 of Britons may not take the vaccine, the UK taskforce warned that coronavirus restrictions will remain in place if many refuse the vaccine. The statement was released days after the UK government signed deals with pharmaceutical companies securing millions of doses for the coronavirus vaccine. 

Kate Birmingham of the UK government’s vaccine taskforce cautions that a new normal will remain elusive until vaccinations are in place. Asked whether the government plans to install mandatory vaccination, Birmingham refers the matter back to politician decision makers. 

Editor’s Note: While Kate Birmingham is not  a politician, her pronouncements are an indication of things to come, not only for the UK, but for every other country that believes in the mainstream coronavirus narrative. 

If people refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine, will it become mandatory? Will the government dare to curtail an individual’s right to self determination? What does it signify if the government is willing to over step its boundaries, and starts controlling the lives of its citizens? 

Furthermore, why is the UK government already ordering millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine when no vaccine for any kind of coronavirus disease has been found to be successful? How sure is the UK that a safe vaccine will be developed, when early COVID-19 vaccine trials have failed? And finally, why is the UK biased against the workings of the human immune system when some countries have already attained collective immunity even without the use of vaccines?

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