May 30, 2024

COVID vaccines are bioweapons. Here are the many ways they can injure you.


In this August 14, 2021 article for Global Research, Prof Michel Chossudovsky summarizes the evidence showing that COVID vaccines are killer vaccines.

In this article, Chossudovsky establishes the COVID timeline which paved the way for the vaccine propaganda. He then goes on to refute the three “scientific justification” for the massive COVID vaccination rollout. He says that there is no killer virus, the “increasing” COVID infection is brought about by the faulty RT-PCR test, and that COVID mortality is being manipulated to give the semblance of a deadly pandemic.

From here, Chossudovsky goes on to discuss the many ways that vaccines can injure recipients. Here are a few of them:

  • microscopic blood clots
  • toxic ingreadients such as graphene oxide nano-particles

Chossudovsky asserts that mRNA vaccines should be halted and discontinued immediately worldwide. To end the tyranny, he says that we must question the legitimacy of politicians and their powerful corporate sponsors, and we must disable the fear campaign [also read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us for more ideas on how to end the fear campaign].

Editor’s Note: If governments truly cared for their people, they will be able to find science to end the “pandemic”. Their disregard for the evidence showing real vaccine harms only points to the reality that they are a part of this conspiracy to take away our rights and freedoms.

For many, fighting against their own government can be difficult [but not entirely impossible, see European doctors and lawyers launch lawsuit against the authorization of Pfizer COVID vaccine for children, French rise up against Macron’s vaccine mandates, Lawyers sue Canadian Government to halt all COVID measures forced upon children, UK government and corrupt scientific advisors to be tried for Crimes Against Humanity and genocide].

But one of the easiest, and most concrete ways we can fight back is by rejecting vaccination and any attempt to make it mandatory [see Dr. Peter McCullough: We need to create a block of people who will not take the vaccine, and the vaccine-narrative will collapse]. What we need to be focusing on now is helping bring the message to more people, and preserving human liberty for our children [If you are a lawyer, here is another way you can help, see Attention Lawyers! Take Action! We are in the Midst of Medical Martial Law. Our Human Rights Are Being Trampled Upon and Millions Harmed by Illegal lockdowns. Plus Hundreds of Thousands are Killed/Harmed by Illegal Vaccines. Disaster Amidst a Fake Health Emergency in the Philippines.].

Why are these vaccines so deadly? This website has shown that these killer vaccines are bioweapons. See Covid Call To Humanity’s Video, Gusto Mong Mauna, Magpabakuna! in Youtube, Rumble, Brighteon.

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