June 16, 2024


Coronavirus data as of July 1, 2020. Data on leading causes of death worldwide as of December 2017, see https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/annual-number-of-deaths-by-cause.

COVID-19 is not that deadly. The scientific evidence is clear. But many world leaders do not want to face the truth. Let us stop wasting our time appealing to ears that do not listen and eyes that refuse to see. Instead let us challenge ourselves to take action now to end the lockdowns. Let us awaken our better selves to understand and act. Then the alarming hidden agenda behind the trajectory of continued lockdowns will end.

Billions of people around the world are in some form of de facto house arrest due to lockdowns connected with COVID-19. Many are experiencing devastation. They feel too small to tackle giant problems. So they are resigned to their fate.  Worst, they cannot rely on compromised authorities to secure their health and wellbeing. They feel stuck.

It is time to act. We can do many “small” actions that will matter in the end, individually and collectively, even if these are not your classic demonstrations, petitions and so on.

We will look at the Philippines as a prototype of what can be done in a country that has one of the world’s longest lockdowns. Properly understood, “small” acts matter and will have ramifications around the world. It will shift our default stance of “impossibility” to something that can have impact, here, now and on to the future.


As of today, it has been 108 days since the government locked down our country to control COVID-19. We gave them the benefit of the doubt. But after a month of this draconian approach, by mid-April 2020, scientific evidence was already showing that it was safe to ease up and ultimately remove the lockdowns. We informed government, at all levels, including the President of the Philippines, of these hopeful scientific facts.[1]Statements addressing a range of institutions as a whole do not necessarily include those individuals in these institutions who are trying, from the inside, to make things work. We leave it up to … Continue reading

But fear, not reason, continues to govern the decisions of politicians and their advisers. They could not balance safety with other equally vital societal needs. Fearing COVID-19, they are continuing to destroy our jobs, our businesses, and our economy, predisposing millions to poverty and hunger. They are continuing to deprive our children of their right to education and to live normal lives. They continue to curtail our freedoms of mobility, association, and assembly, predisposing sensitive ones to depression and suicide. The government is so paranoid that, recently, it is sent tanks and heavily armed and rigorously trained policemen to force a seemingly recalcitrant province into submission.

Not contented with these draconian measures, government is now thinking of imposing mandatory vaccinations before removing the lockdown.

This is where we draw the line. Enough is enough. Continued lockdowns and/or forced vaccination is naïve, ineffective and deadly.

Such a move is an assault to reason and flies in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. (See the massive evidence, dozens of articles selected from hundreds, found in the Reference Section supporting this Call.)


Countries are lifting their lockdowns. They realized that most lockdowns did not achieve their health objectives but instead brought massive societal destruction in its wake. Some countries even successfully dealt with COVID-19 without lockdowns. Children have gone back to school in dozens of countries.

Methodological defects plagued the lockdown approach. Mathematical models used, were defective, plagued with the GIGO syndrome. Garbage (assumptions/design) In equals Garbage (predictions) Out. In addition, current RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 are not accurate, producing many false positives.

Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize inventor of PCR tests, strongly opposed the use of his invention for diagnosis. Tests at Harvard have found over 90 different kinds of viruses in the blood of healthy people. Furthermore, the WHO did not counsel medical doctors all over the world to moderate the findings of their rapid tests with actual presence of unique COVID-19 symptoms, if any.

Faulty tests and flawed models created the perfect storm: COVID-19 hysteria. There is no end to discoveries of “infection”. Defective tests will always find an infected person, infected most likely with other viruses, not the virus for COVID-19. Then panic will ensue all over again.

As many as exactly one infected person, can cause alarm, mindlessly triggering local officials to lockdown an entire town. This is an all too common dumb, uninformed response. Nay, even small fry local heads of association, with a dictatorial streak, impose even stricter lockdown practices than prescribed by law. They are proud of it and even brag about their “heroic” life-saving deed. Hysterical lockdowns will never end unless we stop it. 

The opportunistic media did not help. Nor did bright but dogmatic doctors who failed to keep up with the science and the facts. Instead of helping the nation reflect, both succumbed to sensationalism and fear-mongering. It emphasized inaccurate cumulative cases of infections, inducing massive panic. Some hysterical individuals even threatened to kill a governor for rightly wanting to ease the lockdown in her province. In reality, by mid-April, the rate of infections had actually been declining. If this rate seems to be increasing again, blame it as an artifact of defective tests.

Research and experience also showed that infectiousness does not equate to deadliness. COVID-19 is not deadly. The death rate of COVID-19 is comparable with a strong flu or even weaker. COVID-19 death reporting was also skewed to produce the illusion of massive deaths. Deaths were mostly due to already existing illnesses but were recorded as COVID-19 deaths. Most humans are immune to COVID-19 except for the most senior citizens.

Furthermore, government and media continue to ignore an urgent, obvious, and deafening question.

Yearly, over 57,000 Filipinos die from pneumonia. The current bloated COVID-19 death figure of 1,224 – even if multiplied by 4 to obtain a comparative annual rate, are nowhere near the yearly pneumonia mortality. Also, yearly, more than 250,000 Filipinos are infected with flu. The current bloated infection figures for COVID-19 of 34,073, even if multiplied by 4, are nowhere near the yearly figures for flu. It would be even less so if the 9,182 recovered individuals is subtracted from the total amount of infections.[2]The number of infections, recoveries and deaths are as of 27 June 2020.

So why did the government not lockdown the country every time there was an epidemic of flu and/or pneumonia. Why? What is so special with COVID-19 that it has to be “rewarded” with grim lockdowns?

Vaccines are not needed for society to return to a real normal. For one, the effects of vaccines are mixed and erratic. Since the 19th Century, it has caused widespread harm and deaths to humans. Remember the 600 Filipinos who recently died from Dengvaxia, the vaccine for Dengue? This is almost half of the current bloated COVID-19 deaths. Two experimental COVID-19 vaccines have already failed. One killed all test animals and the other harmed 20% of human volunteers.

Aside from its dangers, vaccines will become Trojan horses for other diabolical agenda, including forced sterilization (which has already happened ) and nano structures that will subject the entire world to Big Brother surveillance under a regime of forced universal vaccination. The “new normal” with vaccines will result in a world of massive loss of freedoms and widespread violations of human rights, not to speak of widespread harm and deaths, a historical normal for the vaccine solution.

The ultimate solution to the COVID-19 issue is to strengthen our natural immune system. This is a solution that Big Pharma does not want you and others to know about. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution has equipped our physical bodies with the power to stop pathogens, including putative viruses. Big Pharma will not make a profit out of empowered citizens.  

These are the truths that Big Tech, Big Pharma, complicit media, fraudulent scientists, even institutions like the DOH, CDC and the WHO, are hiding from us. This is why they have unleashed a massive drive to censor, in many different ways, highly credible and independent scientists, virologists, medical experts and civil society researchers who have questioned the prevailing narrative.

Appeals to evidence and reason have failed. We have been betrayed. We can no longer trust our government and other mainstream institutions to respect the truth and give us enlightened and balanced solutions. It is now time for us to take action on constructive initiatives to defend our rights and restore our full humanity.


We need to understand that months of lockdown have created an automatic lockdown psyche inside us. We are now predisposed to behave in lockdown mode by force of unthinking habit. Before we dare to remove the lockdown in society, we need to banish our psychological lockdowns.[3]Some may not be happy with this menu of what can be done to counter the ignorance and abuses of those in power. They may find them too “soft” and naïve of structural aspects connected with … Continue reading What is inside us ultimately surrounds us as our external reality.

This inner work has a surprising advantage. We can begin the process of ending the lockdown now, inside ourselves, even as external society continues to lockdown. We can do something about our frustration over the continued loss of our freedoms and rights.

We may not have external power and control but this does not mean that we are helpless. No external compulsion can prevent us from reclaiming the health and integrity of our lives. Tyrants can imprison us but they can never enslave and break our spirit. They have no power over our inner condition. We ultimately determine our destiny no matter what the external conditions illegitimate authority may impose on us.

With lockdowns, we may be in de facto house arrest, but authorities can never stop our creative spirit from finding ways to stay alive, engaged, and productive.

We cannot assemble in rallies and engage in other forms of external protests. But we can do a lot to strengthen our inner condition to aspire for and reclaim our freedom and humanity.  One day, when external conditions are favorable for public protest and resistance, then we are ready. We have done our homework.

Here are simple, doable steps to regain our freedom and dignity as humans amidst societal structures that are domineering and uncaring. With lockdowns, we may be in de facto house arrest, but authorities can never stop our creative spirit from finding ways to stay alive, engaged, and productive. No one can stop us in advancing non-traditional forms of active non-violent protests.

Conquer Our Fear

First of all, let us free ourselves from fear. This is the first and most important step we can do now. In exchange for government’s illusory and unpredictable promises of safety, millions are giving up their freedom, their rights, and, yes, their health, because of fear. Our immune system does not function properly if we are fearful.

Take Care of Our Immune System

Strengthen your immune system. Eat fresh healthy organic foods. Get adequate sleep and rest. Expose yourself to sunlight in early mornings. Do moderate exercise. Avoid polluted places and toxic additives in our food. Pray and meditate. Engage in meaningful productive work. Be clear with your life purpose, something of service beyond yourself, and align all actions towards this. And most of all, avoid stress and fear, the number one suppressor of our immune system.

No government can decree the end of a pandemic. The virus will stop dead in its tracts when it encounters the millions of killer cells inside our bodies. Visit the website www.covidcalltohumanity.org.  It is full of tips on how to strengthen our immune system.

Unleash the Power of Our Creative Thinking

Once the fear is gone, we can regain control of our own thinking process, our inner sanctum that can access the vast intelligence field that our thoughts are embedded in. With the liberation of our free and independent thinking, we unleash the creative power that we all have as humans. We act in innovative ways that no abusive power can control.

Seek The Truth

Vaporize the dark crevices of fear with the light of knowledge and truth. Enhance this process with our liberated thinking. Let us keep informed. Be familiar with alternative perspectives that are scientifically solid and evidenced-based. There are lots of exciting websites that have proliferated as a response to censorship and the massive search for truth. This will dissolve the web of illusions that fear unceasingly creates in the womb of ignorance.

Do not immediately believe what we read in mainstream media. These have been basically useless in defending truth and freedom, despite their pretensions to do so. Read opinion writers who write independent, evidence-based articles.

Balance Your Internet Life with Websites that Are Trust Worthy

One of the most wonderful and beautiful things to behold in these times is the proliferation of independent, fearless, and evidence-based websites. There are dozens of them out there. Between them, they will give you a comprehensive overview of the range of perspectives on COVID-19 that are vying for your attention. In the near future, we will do a more thorough review of websites you can trust.

For starters, here are a few you may like to visit. These are examples. There is no explicit ranking of these websites. See comments immediately following the listing of websites.


The Swiss Policy Research website is home, among others, of the famous but anonymous Swiss doctor who was one of the earlier experts to scientifically question the hysteria around COVID-19. Favorite source of independent researchers who then use this website to locate little known developments and find other relevant websites. This doctor was harassed and arrested but is now free again to write. From my perspective, if you are harassed, then you are disturbing the status quo. You must be writing something that the status quo does not want to be known and exposed.


Created by former journalists of The Guardian. They are the source of dozens of doctors and scientists who have spoken out against the way the COVID-19 challenge is being handled. One will experience a steep learning curve as you will be deprogrammed from your favorite default beliefs.


Evidence-based breaking news on COVID-19. He has millions of viewers and has been heavily censored by Big Tech.


This organization, established by Robert Kennedy, Jr. is one of the most trusted sources on vaccine-related issues. Kennedy has been prominent in exposing the failure of experimental COVID-19 vaccines that are being rushed to the market.


The best website on censorship by Big Tech. Here you realize that censorship has become a pandemic and has infected other subject areas, not just COVID-19. Prepare to be surprised to find out what you never expected to be happening.


Investigative news with perspectives that leave the reader wanting to know more.


Cutting edge interviews on a comprehensive range of topics including COVID-19. It has the transcripts of interviews. The latter cannot be censored.


Interesting series of unique interviews, one with a whistleblower working in the frontline of the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US.


Big picture interpretation of current events. Here you can go and explore potential future scenarios as to where all these control mechanisms are going to. Use this website as a jump off point, and make sure to verify from other sources.


Petition against universal vaccination. Lays out the case as to why we should be wary of vaccines, especially universal vaccination.

Some of the facts that you will be encountering in these websites can be inspiring, will often be surprising and unbelievable, especially if your daily fare of news is coming from mainstream media. So it will be good to check the sources from where these websites get their information. The preference would be from primary sources.

Also, take a closer look at how they interpret the information. They can also be from the right, left, middle, and in front of the political spectrum, or could be something else. Do not be turned off. Be open but discern. Triangulate your information. Be your own judge.

If a website often uses first or accurate second hand information, is evidence-based, and tries to be balanced and objective as much as possible, then these websites can generally be trusted.

Most of all check the “Fact Checkers” that Facebook, YouTube, and other Big Tech use to censor your access to information. Some “Fact Checkers” can have an axe to grind and cannot be trusted. They also need to be “fact checked” to expose their bias.

Become an Active Researcher

Once you become familiar with the trustworthiness of the different alternative websites, then you can decide to be an active researcher. Scan through these websites on a regular basis and identify at least one story per week or every three days, information that you think is really important. Then send the news story to our website or other websites to have it uploaded and published. In this way, you will become an active player in creating a strong foundation for truthful coverage around the COVID-19 issue. You can never underestimate the power of seemingly small information to change everything.

For example, a few years ago, a scientist dared his colleagues to prove that viruses are the cause of diseases. He offered 100,000 Euros for one single scientific article that proves this claim. One scientist asserted to have done so. The claim was legally contested all the way to the Supreme Court of Germany. That Court decided in favor of the scientist who offered the reward money.

Practice Pre-Figuration

Let us consciously de-hypnotize ourselves daily from mainstream narratives and commands. Let us be free agents in our own private space. Doing deeds based on scientific reasoning will free us from being victims of forced, external control. Practice freedom and we predispose ourselves towards freedom.

This practice is called pre-figuration. We pre-figure, in little ways, the future that we want to create. We live now in that future that we desire. This is not a “pretend” or “avoiding-the-hard reality” approach. This is what many in Eastern Europe did during the dark days of suppression by the now-dismantled USSR. They practiced freedom and, in the end, they had freedom. Here are some concrete ways to practice pre-figuration.

Do not Wear Face Masks at Home

The value of wearing a facemask all the time is unscientifically unproven and even unhealthy. It may harm us in the long term due to a constant deficit of oxygen. But, even worse, when we continuously wear a facemask, we are endlessly programming ourselves to be fearful over nothing. We have become docile slaves following unreasonable and un-transparent demands.

We are free agents. We do not follow the demands of others, especially discredited, unreasonable and flawed authority. We abide by the truth that we have ascertained for ourselves and allow our intuitive and scientific understanding of reality to be our only guide.

Practice Social Closeness in Home-Based Activities

Social distancing is also not scientifically proven to keep us out of harm’s way. It is based on the wrong model of viral transmission.  Hug those whom you love and do not be afraid to be with others who display no symptoms of illness. In our own private domains, in agreement with others, let us de-programme ourselves from the belief that social distancing is an effective defense against a not too deadly pathogen to begin with.  Let us socialize with others as we normally do. Let us enjoy each other’s company without being paranoid about getting infected. Let us not be afraid of illusory fears.

Practice Social Tact in Public

However, in public, out of consideration for others who are not as informed and liberated, do practice social distancing and wear a facemask. Do this not because you fear the law, but more out of social tact and a respect for others. Inwardly create a wall between oneself and mandates from authorities that have basically lost our trust and respect.  

Boycott Abusive Big Tech. Support Alternative Apps

Silicon Valley Big Tech has been abusing their powers during this crisis. Many of them have engaged in crude efforts to censor people’s access to news, information, and scientific evidence. Boycott them.

Use MeWe, instead of Facebook. Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google search. Migrate away from YouTube to other video sharing platforms like London Real TV. Use Protonmail, instead of Gmail and other data-sucking vampire apps. Use Signal instead of Messenger. There are many alternatives out there. Have fun discovering and exploring them. Use VPN to keep away nuisance trackers. We will do a more thorough article on this in the near future.

Intensify Your Inner Work to Meet Forced Vaccination Head On

These practices of conscious freedom are good beginnings towards living a life of integrity. But they will not be enough for the time when government will come knocking at your door to impose mandatory vaccinations with nano-scale tracking devices. This is where we are headed unless awakened citizens stop this foolishness.

More serious inner work needs to be done when the world will be enslaved by vaccine-related “immunity passports” that are already being deliberated in Europe.  We will not be able to travel nor will we be able to get a job and be in social settings without these vaccines, tracking devices and immunity passports.

Preparing for this moment to come will mean we all have to ask fundamental questions regarding human existence. The “new normal” will be like Nazi concentration camps. Human life will have no value and will be disposable according to the whims of those who are addicted to raw power and control.

The psychiatrist, Viktor Frankel, survived a Nazi concentration camp while thousands around him were dying. He made a fundamental discovery. He aligned himself with the deepest meaning and purpose that he could authentically believe in. In his case, he aligned with the Logos, the larger and deeper Intelligence and Reason behind human existence and the underlying structure of the universe itself. Frankel called his life-saving practice Logotherapy. He proved that the human spirit is vastly more powerful than any external threats or physical punishments that can be inflicted on the human body.

A Nightmare of a Future Awaits Us if We Do Not Act Now

You will have to be prepared to make a terrible choice when this time comes. And that choice will depend on what you have found to be your purpose and the purpose of the planet itself. If you have become a freedom being, then that choice will be obvious, easy and straightforward.

For me, I will resist forced vaccinations with nano tracking devices to my last breath. I would rather sacrifice my life than to become a slave to someone’s twisted and bizarre vision of what humans and society should be.

So let us not wait until we reach this kind of situation where there will be massive civil war all over the planet. For indeed there will be, as millions of awakened citizens will resist this from happening.

Let us nip it in the bud before it becomes a poisonous and deadly plant. And we can do this if increasing more of us will be brave enough to stand for our freedoms and dignity as humans!

The Future Will Be What We Fight For

Let us not participate in a farce of a society. That is not our destiny. Nor is being docile before abusive authorities the purpose of our existence.

When we free ourselves within, we develop the pre-disposition and the capacity to free ourselves externally. The power for freedom will be continuously nurtured, waiting for the time that this freedom will find an opportunity to manifest itself, and create a real new normal worthy of our dignity as human beings.

Government will be affected by this Call and the small actions that energize it. They cannot escape it.

Assume that, as typical of those who are drunk with power, allergic to humility and too lazy to keep up with rapidly evolving scientific knowledge, they ignore the Call and continue with the lockdowns of various forms. This crude and uneducated action will just encourage brave and courageous citizens, who are fed up with this entire charade, to double their inner efforts to reclaim their lives, freedoms, rights, and humanity.

Let us keep the embers of our Spirit burning. When the proper time comes, let these embers conflagrate into a massive fire that will purify the COVID-19 illusions and transform the structures that hysterically defend these illusions at all costs.

As Jose Rizal rightly observed in his time: “There are no tyrants, if there are no (fearful and willing) slaves.” It is time to throw off our chains of fear and apathy. Let us reclaim our lives, our freedoms and our humanity. End our self-imposed lockdown inside ourselves to create the solid foundation to end the lockdown outside in society!!!


1 Statements addressing a range of institutions as a whole do not necessarily include those individuals in these institutions who are trying, from the inside, to make things work. We leave it up to their conscience whether they will eventually blow the whistle and reveal problematic or fraudulent practices in these institutions.
2 The number of infections, recoveries and deaths are as of 27 June 2020.
3 Some may not be happy with this menu of what can be done to counter the ignorance and abuses of those in power. They may find them too “soft” and naïve of structural aspects connected with domineering power. But this is precisely the point. This is an example of “soft power” that can snowball and translate into the “hard power’ of structural change. Soft power is the specialty of civil society. (See Nicanor Perlas: Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding.) Also, these suggestions do not belittle nor prevent those who want a direct confrontation with government at a time when such confrontation, especially with an intolerant government, will most likely be difficult, unsuccessful, and may even subject protestors to harsh punishments and even death. If government reacts aggressively against displays of “soft power”, then so be it! We have to walk our talk and not back away because we are scared of the consequences of following the imperatives of truth wherever it may lead. Fidelity to truth is a much higher value than succumbing to illegitimate displays of power and incompetence.

30 thoughts on “END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us

  1. It is a long read, a very long read but quite impressive. I am just a simple wife but I find truth in your in-depth analysis of the COVID 19 situation. I will share with a fervent prayer that it will arouse the curiosity of everyone to read it up to the end as it did on me. Good luck to your team. God Bless.

    1. Thanks a lot for reading the entire article and your kind comments, Delia. No matter where we are in life, we all have the inner power to use our reason objectively and with precision. God bless.

    2. Greeting Nicanor, I am half way though you book, Humanity’s Last Stand, how pleased I am to read your response to this sooner than expected “End Game” human/spiritual event. We have much work to do and no time to waste.

      Beyond Urgency
      There are those who would set fire to the world.
      We are in danger.
      There is time only to move slowly.
      There is no time not to love.
      Deana Metzger

      Thank You

      1. You are welcome, Grace, and thanks for your appreciative comments and the contributed poem. Our times are so unusual and unprecedented. It will take the best in each and every one of us to make it through.

  2. Impressive. I have most of these resources you have outlined, but have been looking for like minded, genuine researchers. Very interesting. Glad to join the crew of something sincere. I do believe the old twins are very active in this. This government does not care about individual Philippine people. Only their own greed and ability to perpetuate the fear. Your comments on the wearing of masks is very spot on. I totally agree. I was nearly fined last night for not wearing one in our Fire Stairs. However the incentive is clear, I don’t want to spend time in a Philippine jail either. Just for being a healthy man.

    1. Thanks for your generous comments, Dr. Marcus. And I am glad to note that you already have the spark of freedom and independent thinking within you. I would like to take you up on your wish to help out. Kindly contact me directly at my email address: nperlas@protonmail.com. We can start a private conversation there.

  3. The whole thing in a nutshell. There is a small omission among the ‘leading causes of death’. According to a Johns Hopkins University study, the third leading cause of death in the US is ‘false diagnosis’. That should say something.

    1. Good addition, Dominique. Thanks. In the past, Ivan Illich articulated a very important concept: iatrogenic diseases or physician-induced illnesses. A lot of this kind of problem is plaguing the current response to COVID-19.

  4. There is a bevy of additional interesting websites, each with a particular point of view, such as ’21st century wire’ , Signs of the time ‘Sott.news’, and in Switzerland ‘Zeitpunkt’.

    1. Yes, that right! SOTT is in the list of websites to explore in the article that I currently writing. Thanks for the others.

  5. The lockdown is sheer stupidity. Well most humans were never really known for intelligence. Self responsibility and empowerment is more important. Most people refuse to make the effort for this.

    1. Thanks, TS. It reminds of me of a famous quote of a cartoon character: “We have found the enemy and its us!”

  6. Very enligtening and liberating articlr. Indeed the truth sets us free. Thank you and God bless you for your passion to educate people about this pandemic.

  7. Thank you so much, Nicanor, for this thorough and very sane report!
    I stand with you and will share it as widely as I can. I am an older eurythmist who was born in the PI, raised in Japan, but now live in Carmel Valley, Ca- had the pleasure of hearing you when you were in Santa Cruz a few years ago- please come again! We need your voice of reason and common sense (now not so common) in this country! ~ Kristin Ramsden

    1. Thanks for your appreciative comments, Kristin. Thanks for the invitation. I am sure that together, we will figure out a way out of this mess. All the best.

  8. Dear Niconar,

    This morning my husband and I received this from Robert Karp. Thank you so much. We have already been practicing much of what you recommend. My husband is a retired Christian Community priest and is 83. We have continued to open our home and hearts to others and feel that physical contact with those close to us is of utmost importance…. hence plenty of hugs. I am most grateful for all the resources you list and alternatives to mainstream apps. This is something I will look much more closely into. Blessing Niconar from beautiful Arizona and from Teri DeSario and Jochen Pajunk

    1. Dear Teri,

      Great to hear from you after many years. I am glad you got a forwarded copy of the article. Thanks for your kind remarks and for having the courage to stand up, in your own way, against a narrative that is looking more and more questionable as the scientific evidence continues to come in. This is clearly one of the “calls” of COVID-19 – not to behave like lemmings but instead to act on the basis of a discerned and examined truth. Warm greetings.

  9. Nicanor, thank you for this wonderful contribution to the present crisis. There is just one thing I want to mention that I think you have left out, which is that it is also important that we each examine the very subtle ways we tend to suppress our selves and others. The external lockdown would never have so much power if we each did not have the tendency, again in ever so subtle ways, to suppress our own genius and the genius of others. We are each our own tyrants and we must uncover these tendencies and root them out! Thanks for listening, hope to see you again some day soon, Robert

    1. You are welcome, Robert. And thanks for elaborating more fully on a point that is indicated, but now fleshed out, in the article on the importance of our inner condition when we face this challenge to humanity. Indeed such an inner tendency can be found not only outside with the “little dictators” that are now starting to pop out across the social landscape but, also, as you correctly point out, lives inside each and everyone of us. Hope our paths cross again.

  10. Someone sent me a link last night to your article, “No Need to Panic over infection numbers: Deaths”. I found the article so intelligently written, backed by facts, and for the first time in months, felt a lessening of all my fears re the virus. I sent that link to all my friends, and have spent the whole Sunday morning reading the articles on your “covidcalltohumanity” site. I am grateful there is someone like you, who has done the public a great service by creating this site to inform us ordinary citizens of the TRUTH of things. My question: Is there anything we citizens can ACTIVELY do to stop the government from imposing another lockdown? Because it is true that the effects are proving worse than the virus itself. Thank you again for putting things in perspective for us!!

    1. Dear Belle,
      Thank you for your comment, and please excuse us for not responding sooner. At this point, health experts and perhaps even our government, is slowly awakening to their follies. Several citizens continue to study about COVID-19 and many are actively making their voices heard online.

      I think, at the moment, the best way to help is to get more people to awaken to the truth of the coronavirus. When the fear goes a way, many new possibilities will open. We hope you can signup to the newsletter, and share the page to your family and friends if you think it may be helpful for them.

      Thank you, and we hope you keep healthy always.

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