June 14, 2024

Dr. Peter McCullough: We need to create a block of people who will not take the vaccine, and the vaccine-narrative will collapse


The following is a 48-minute call between world-famous pro-vaccine doctor, Dr. Peter McCullough and Reiner Fuellmich which transpired last June 11, 2021.

Dr. McCullough has always believed in vaccines, but the circumstances surrounding the COVID crisis has pushed him to take a second look at vaccination. Based on his own experience, Dr. McCullough knew that COVID was a treatable disease when caught early. It then came as a surprise to him why highly effective combination drugs for early treatment of COVID-19 was being suppressed, and COVID vaccination being pushed by health authorities. In this video, we see Dr. McCullough change his stance from a pro-vaccine doctor to someone who is highly suspicious of the real purpose behind COVID vaccines.

Some of the most important points raised by Dr. McCullough include the following:

  • We are now in Phase 2 of a Bioterrorism plan.
  • Responses made by the government made things worse.
  • No health authority taught doctors how to treat COVID despite the fact that protocols developed by Dr. McCullough and a team of doctors reduced deaths by 80%.
  • The suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the push for vaccination.
  • Health experts agree that these vaccinations are dangerous and must be stopped.
  • There is a great deal of fear among attorneys that they cannot even file their own legal work.
  • The entire world seems to be in a state of mass hypnosis.

Editor’s Note: It is clear from this video that the fear-based narrative is collapsing and doctors are now awakening to the greater agenda behind this scamdemic.

It is also a shocking realization that governments have knowingly conspired against their people and caused the death of thousands by withholding early treatment.

We encourage you to watch the entire video, and then research the proof behind some of the claims they make. You will be shocked at the utter disrespect for human life and human rights.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Peter McCullough: We need to create a block of people who will not take the vaccine, and the vaccine-narrative will collapse

  1. My husband and I were told by our primary doctor, who is an internist and an infectious disease specialist that we should take the vaccine. I was strongly against it and now wish I had followed my intuition about this Non Approved by the FDA vaccine. We will not take the booster!!!

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