Top scientists and doctors join forces to refute mainstream COVID lies

The following website provides links to the online symposium presented by the Doctors for Covid Ethics and hosted by UK Column.

The symposium entitled Gold Standard Covid Science in Practice: An Interdisciplinary Symposium Calling for Immediate Intervention, was composed of four sessions. It had over 20 speakers, and had attracted 350,000 viewers over two days.

Here are some of the details of the event:

Session 1: The False Pandemic. Presented by Prof. Martin Haditsch, Sucharit Bhakdi, Michael Palmer, Ulrike Kämmerer, Denis Rancourt, Harald Walach, Sam White, Thomas Binder, Charles Hoffe.

Some of the topics discussed in session 1 include: the evidence of the artificial origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the RT-PCR pandemic, masks, and powerless doctors

Session 2: The Going Direct Reset. Presented by Catherine Austin Fitts and her guests: John Titus, Richard Werner, Mark Skidmore. The panel was moderated by Patrick Wood with Taylor Hudak. Discussion for this session centered on the connection between the economy and the creation of a pandemic.

Session 3: First Do No Harm. Presented by Michael Palmer and fellow lead scientists Sucharit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon. It reminds doctors of their sacred duty, as well as tackles the complicit role of the media and the drive for control through the deployment of vaccination passports. The second topic was discussed by Taylor Hudak, Michael Meyen, Patrick Henningsen, and his guests.

Session IV: The Hour of Justice. Presented by Patrick Henningsen, Mary Holland, Reiner Fuellmich, Sucharit Bhakdi, Vera Sharav, and guest speaker. It tackles the various legal initiatives being launched around the world to end the scamdemic.

Editor’s Note: This online symposium is very long, but if you truly want to understand why we call this a scamdemic, we recommend that you watch the entire thing. Our website, the Covid Call to Humanity, has already covered the findings of many of these scientists and doctors. It is an inspiring overview that will help one navigate through all the COVID lies that are being forced on the world by the mainstream and social media.

This symposium shows us that the “pandemic” is not just a health crisis, it is a complicated scheme to transfer power and resources to a select few. It also shows us how high the stakes are. This is why many doctors and scientists are risking their careers and their lives to fight against this crime against humanity.

Watch and be inspired! We now have a huge arsenal of scientific evidence to deconstruct the COVID-19 narrative.

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