February 22, 2024

Ground-breaking autopsy report shows the vaccinated had toxic spike proteins all over the body


This is the first case of a post-mortem study in a patient ‘vaccinated’ against SARS-CoV-2, conducted by German researchers and published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The patient was injected with the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer.

Here is part of the report:

On January 9, 2021, an 86-year-old man received a Pfizer injection. On that day and in the following 2 weeks, he presented with no clinical symptoms. He was hospitalized because of diarrhea on day 18. Laboratory testing revealed hypochromic anemia and increased creatinine serum levels. Antigen test and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for SARS-CoV-2 were negative. Since he was symptomless, he was not put in isolation.

On day 24, another patient in the same hospital room as the case tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. On day 25, our patient tested SARS-CoV-2 positive by real-time PCR (RT-PCR), with a low cycle threshold (Ct) value (20) showing high virus load. Taken together, it appears the patient became infected with the co-patient in his hospital room.

The patient died the next day, and based on autopsy, the cause of death is acute bronchopneumonia and tubular failure. In this condition, the body’s kidneys are damaged due to the compromised flow of blood and oxygen.

See the summary of the autopsy to know significant features of the patient’s history, clinical symptoms, and laboratory findings, including SARS-CoV-2 testing: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8051011/table/tbl0005/?report=objectonly

Post-mortem study revealed the following:

  • No findings of COVID-19 associated symptoms.
  • Both left and right lower chambers (ventricles) of the heart are enlarged (biventricular hypertrophy). They also found a narrowing of the coronary arteries (the vessels which supply blood to the heart).
  • There’s a buildup of abnormal deposits of a protein called amyloid[1]Amyloids have been linked to the development of various diseases. in the heart and, to a lesser extent in the lungs.
  • The kidneys revealed both chronic damages with thickening and scarring of muscular wall, and acute renal failure.
  • The examination of the brain revealed a dead tissue on left side and top of the brain. This was diagnosed as an old infarction[2]Blockage; it occurs because of prolonged ischemia, which is the insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrition to an area of tissue because of a disruption in blood supply area.
  • Viral RNA is seen in nearly all organs examined except for the liver and the olfactory bulb, a part of brain which handles the sense of smell. 
  • Autopsy specimens show viral load and suggest transmissibility.
  • Data suggests an early stage of viral infection; however, different regions, such as the olfactory bulb and liver, were not yet affected by the spread
  • There was extensive acute bronchopneumonia, possibly of bacterial origin

In summary, though the Covid-19 vaccine triggered an immune response within the body, it did not seem to stop the spread of the virus throughout the body which caused his organs to fail.

Editor’s Note: This post-mortem study only confirms our worst fears that the Covid-injections cause more harm than good, and may actually even speed up the spread of the virus.

According to the report, researchers found that the patient’s entire body had become overrun with high viral RNA loads, also known as vaccine-induced spike proteins. This has been reported by many investigators and even further research on what really is in the vaccine. [Read Covid vaccines not as effective as you think to learn more].

This indicates two things.

1. The mRNA from the vaccine is not localized to the injection site where it’s supposed to be but spread on other organs. [Read New evidence explains how mRNA vaccines cause organ damage to see the evidence.]

2. We know the decedent was exposed to Covid-19. The virus was in every organ in his body. Based on what we know about coronavirus vaccines in the past, this could be seen as a signal of antibody-dependent enhancement [Read What is pathogenic priming? And Briefing document on Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine shows evidence of pathogenic priming among older adults]

This means that the vaccine cannot stop the virus from spreading [in Pfizer’s briefing document to the Food and Drug Administration, they already intimated about this, see FDA knew there would be many COVID cases among the fully vaccinated and Leaked Pfizer contracts show they knew of adverse effects and lack of long-term efficacy of vaccines.]

We have been programmed to believe that we can only go back to normal through the vaccines. Our governments didn’t tell us that these vaccines are ineffective and do not offer protection. [In the article COVID vaccines not as effective as you think, we learn that the real reduction rate for these vaccines, what scientists call absolute risk reduction or the difference in protection rates between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, is lower than 1% for some vaccines.] Expect massive propaganda of lies and panic especially with the advent of variants.

To get a better understanding of our concerns about the vaccine, please read
Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions and visit the dedicated Vaccines page.

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1 Amyloids have been linked to the development of various diseases.
2 Blockage; it occurs because of prolonged ischemia, which is the insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrition to an area of tissue because of a disruption in blood supply

2 thoughts on “Ground-breaking autopsy report shows the vaccinated had toxic spike proteins all over the body

  1. In January a cardiologist working at the general hospital of my city (Venice, Italy) pointed at a lack of real informed consensus. In particular, three questions of his remained unanswered:
    1. Is the mRNA received just by the muscular cells of the point of inoculation or also by other cells in distant sites?
    2. Is the S-protein synthesized by them released in the blood or expressed on the cellular membrane?
    3. In the latter case, might the immune reaction cause cytolysis? To what extent?
    In other terms, he pointed out to the danger of an auto-immune reaction.
    The study posted here seems to answer his first two questions. Now it is time to address seriously his third and most important question.

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