April 20, 2024

Expert evaluation on adverse effects of the Pfizer-COVID-19 vaccination


The following document is an expert evaluation made by Hervé Seligmann, made available by America’s Frontline Doctors on their website. Seligmann says that this evaluation is made “for submission to any Court worldwide”. [Seligman is the same scientist featured in the article Expert analysis of vaccination in Israel shows more people died from vaccine than from COVID-19 itself. The article attached below is a formal iteration of his earlier points].

In this evaluation, Seligmann, who is a biomedical researcher and who has published over 100 peer-reviewed international publications, looked at the cost-benefit of COVID vaccinations around the world. He says, “in order for this vaccine to bear actual life-saving benefits, effective protection should last at least 2.5 or 3 years”.

He goes on to assess the various risks of the Israeli mRNA vaccination program. Here are a few of them:

  • Vaccination processes usually imply temporary immune system weakening, before vaccine- induced immunity is acquired. Hence, the vaccinated are fragilized during the vaccination process, and more likely to develop any diseases against which the immune system usually defends the body.
  • In the long-term, the antibodies induced by the RNA vaccine will cause autoimmune reactions to the cells producing the viral protein encoded by the vaccine RNA, and to cells with natural human proteins resembling the viral protein encoded by the vaccine RNA.
  • Massive vaccination might select vaccine-resistant viral variants with likely catastrophic effects, especially on the vaccinated.
  • RNA from the vaccine will in some cases integrate chromosomes of the vaccinated, with potentially harmful consequences difficult to evaluate at this point. Any claim to the contrary is misleading and misinformed.

Please check out the actual paper below to see the statistical proof of his claims. Seligmann ends his paper with the following words: “Vaccination-associated mortality risks are expected at least 20 times greater below age 20 compared to the very low COVID19-associated risks for this age group enjoying the healthiest immune system.” [Also read this breaking revelation from Dr. David, Covid-Injection Lowers Natural Immunity by five- to six-fold].

Editor’s Note: When will governments begin start to see that these vaccines are only wasting our country’s resources? Not only are they useless, but they are also putting our children and our youth in harm’s way when they have remained largely untouched in the whole year of COVID despite having no real early treatment protocols and no vaccines.

Our government’s incapacity to look at science has already cost us our livelihoods. They are now effectively ruining the future of our children. When will this stop? And why are we allowing this to happen when we already have all the data showing that these vaccines were the wrong move?

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