January 28, 2023

CDC director warns: Endless COVID mutations could lead to variants that escape [the weak and destructive] vaccine-induced immunity

In this July 27, 2021 article for Epoch Times, Ivan Pentchoukov reports on the teleconference hosted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky where she expressed concerns that the COVID virus is “just a few mutations away” from evading vaccine-induced immunity.

Walensky said, “Right now, fortunately, we are not there. These vaccines operate really well in protecting us from severe disease and death. But the big concern is the next variant that might emerge, just a few mutations potentially away, could potentially evade our vaccines.”

This teleconference right after the CDC changed its guidance on masking, advising the fully vaccinated to wear masks indoors especially in areas with high transmission [CDC has recently acknowledged that even the vaccinated can be infected and that they can transmit the virus just as well as unvaccinated, see Internal CDC document urges use of new messaging to promote vaccination in the face of Delta variant outbreaks].

Editor’s Note: Why did Walensky say that vaccines work really well? Because as far as we know, vaccines have not delivered on their promised herd immunity [see Iceland and Denmark: No herd immunity from vaccines, Iceland epidemiologist says herd immunity cannot be achieved by vaccines, Florida counties with highest vaccination coverage (50-61%) now experiencing COVID outbreaks, 75% of new COVID cases in Singapore are vaccinated, Almost 50% infected with Delta variant in Israel are fully vaccinated, Pfizer’s efficacy drops in Israel, cannot prevent people from getting COVID Delta variant, Document from Public Health England shows Delta less deadly than original strain, vaccinated more vulnerable to Delta variant, Finland study shows vaccines, universal masking, useless against Delta variant]. If they’re saying that the vaccines prevent deaths, well, that isn’t entirely true either [see Vaccines do not fully control Delta variant: Majority of COVID deaths are from vaccinated. Evidence of dangerous ADE at work, Covid-Injection Lowers Natural Immunity by five- to six-fold].

What we are seeing in this article is that Walensky is preparing people to accept more COVID vaccine shots once the current vaccines are no longer working [already, the Pfizer vaccine’s efficacy is already failing, see Pfizer’s efficacy drops in Israel, cannot prevent people from getting COVID Delta variant]. She wants you to believe that only the vaccine prevents death in the face of new COVID variants, but this contradicts decades of experience in immunology [see Covid-Injection Lowers Natural Immunity by five- to six-fold. Also see Swiss immunologist explains existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and the myth of asymptomatic carriers].

We know that, unlike vaccines, natural immunity is broad and long-term. It has the capacity to deal with future mutations of the virus, and once the body has recognized the virus, it will continue to do so in the future [see Your immune system can protect you from COVID and all its future variants, anyone who says otherwise is lying, Nature Journal: SARS-CoV-2 infection induces lasting immunity, Metastudy shows little possibility for variants to escape human immune system, New study: T-cells induced by COVID infection can respond to new SARS-CoV-2 variants, Our immune system evolves to fight coronavirus variants].

If one believed what Walensky says about the “importance of vaccination” even with the evidence that the vaccines cannot provide long-term protection, one is actually accepting that vaccination will never end. History has shown us that no other vaccine has eradicated a virus despite decades of studies, did we think that the rushed COVID vaccine will do it? [Sure, some people believe that the smallpox has been eliminated by vaccines, but one should read these articles to discover the truth behind this, see Alternative views concerning the COVID-19 vaccine and A touted COVID-19 vaccine has already harmed people].

We think that Walensky is exaggerating the dangers of these “mutations” so that more people would take the COVID vaccine. But if the vaccine won’t provide long-term protection anyway, why would you take it, given that almost all of the vaccines already have proven risks? [The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have acknowledged the following side effects of vaccines: FDA knew COVID vaccines would lead to severe adverse events, sanitized info was given to people to prevent vaccine-hesitancy, EMA finds vaccine link to heart inflammation, EMA confirms: AstraZeneca vaccine linked to rare blood clots, EMA reviews Johnson & Johnson clot link, widens AstraZeneca probe, FDA adds warning to Johnson and Johnson vaccine for increased risk of rare neurological complication, FDA adds heart inflammation warning to Pfizer, Moderna experimental vaccines].

Even if you didn’t experience side effects on the first two vaccinations (which is rare, by the way. Most people have experienced “mild” side effects which required them to miss work), are you really willing to risk your health over and over, when there is an alternative that is safe and can provide you with long-term protection? Whatever lies your health ministries lies tell about natural immunity, true science only shows that natural immunity is the only way forward [see The Great Barrington Declaration: Life must return to normal for the healthy, the vulnerable must be protected, Johns Hopkins professor: Ignore the CDC, natural immunity works, and Iceland epidemiologist says herd immunity cannot be achieved by vaccines]. Do we not trust the intelligence of the human body to neutralize viruses when it has been the only thing that has protected us in the thousands of years of evolution, particularly in those years when modern healthcare was not yet available?

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