April 17, 2024

MSM Bloomberg: Breakthrough infections are worrying the vaccinated


In this August 21, 2021 article for the mainstream media company (MSM) Bloomberg, Kristen Brown and Rebecca Torrence reports on the growing concern of breakthrough cases (this is what they call COVID-19 infection among the fully vaccinated). They said, “Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate…Though it is evident vaccination still provides powerful protection against the virus, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought.” [Evidence on this is starting to be observed, see Majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel are fully vaccinated, Vaccines do not fully control Delta variant: Majority of COVID deaths are from vaccinated. Evidence of dangerous ADE at work, COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission, Will Lead to a Variant Killing 35% of People it Infects, Document from Public Health England shows Delta less deadly than original strain, vaccinated more vulnerable to Delta variant, 75% of new COVID cases in Singapore are vaccinated, Almost 50% infected with Delta variant in Israel are fully vaccinated].

The article goes on to cite some studies showing that breakthrough cases are not as rare as we were led to believe. The authors also say that the changing guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the lack of clear public health messaging are leaving vaccinated people confused about how they can protect themselves.

Editor’s Note: We are glad to finally see a mainstream news outlet make some effort to discuss the implications of the breakthrough cases. And though this article still lacks the depth of analysis we see from alternative news sites, it still needs to be celebrated as it means that journalists who have once vilified the vaccine-hesitant are now starting to question the illogicality of some statements coming from the CDC and its representatives.

We do not know yet what had brought about this change in heart, but we have noticed that more and more mainstream media outlets are starting to cover news they previously have censored. We certainly hope that this about-face means that they have finally seen the light.

Despite this development, however, we must continue to be vigilant. We must remember that we were subjected to a year-long psych-ops and mainstream media was a part of that effort [see Trusted News Initiative or Corrupted News Initiative? Mission: Systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts, CNN technical director admits network used fear in COVID coverage to drive ratings up, Facebook whistleblowers reveal to Project Veritas how the company plans to curb vaccine hesitancy, Another media insider reveals how network uses corrupt practices to promote COVID vaccines and fake news]. We have seen how they operate. Just because the media is echoing the truth we have seen doesn’t mean that they are now our allies.

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