May 26, 2024

CNN technical director admits network used fear in COVID coverage to drive ratings up


The following 9 minute 44 second expose was released by Project Veritas on April 14, 2021. It features a series of undercover videos of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester revealing to another female journalist the various practices used by the network to promote propaganda.

In one of the clips, Chester describes how CNN keeps viewers on the screen. He says, “It’s fear. Like fear, really drives numbers (TV ratings)…Fear is the thing that keeps you tuned in”. In another clip, Chester reveals that the COVID death tolls on the screen is another tactic to keep people glued in. When asked why they never put up the recovery rates, he says, “Because that’s not scary”.

In interviews with Chester and another female colleague, it was discovered that the head of the network had a direct hand on what is being reported, down to the graphics on the screen.

In another clip, Chester reveals that none of the other media organizations offer objective news. He said, “there’s no such thing as unbiased news. It just doesn’t exist. There’s too many agendas. There’s too many people that have jobs, that need to feed their families for it to be unbiased. It’s impossible. The most unbiased news is grassroots, out of people’s basements with podcasts”.

Chester reveals that they use a certain method for manipulating responses from the people they feature. Moreover, the people they feature are the ones they know will take the bait. He adds, “I think there’s like an art to manipulation…I think some people have figured it out inherently…like when you ever meet somebody that you feel like you’re being gaslit by? Start to listen to how they word things…Inflection, saying things like twice, like there’s subtleties to how to manipulate people”.

Chester also admits that these tactics being employed by an organization like CNN is enough to “change the world”.

Editor’s Note: This expose drives home the reality that corporate media knows the power they wield. Chester’s revelations shows us that these networks are not afraid to use this power to push their own agenda. This explains to us why the media has been blind to the many encouraging developments on COVID research – the low death rates, the larger number of people who recover from the disease, the low possibility of asymptomatic patients to infect others, and the capacity of the human immune system to neutralize the virus, among others. Chester has made us understand that corporate media’s goal was never to empower us, but to keep us glued in fear. And if we learned anything from the Nuremberg trials, it is that fear is a powerful tool, see Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission].

Another important impact of this CNN expose is that even more people has finally seen Big Tech is a part of this game. A day after revealing the first set of videos, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe was permanent suspended by Twitter for allegedly using “fake accounts”.[1] But critics are not buying Twitter’s accusations, as O’Keefe vows to sue the company for defamation. What is Twitter’s stake all these? Is this simply a case of friends protecting friends or are there other bigger organizations involved in this squabble?

In conclusion, based on the above development, we can say that CNN is not about the truth, but about manipulation for their own benefit. So, watch CNN at your own risk. Watch the full Project Veritas feature to understand the risk you are taking when you watch CNN.

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