June 14, 2024

Gates tries to justify side effects of fast tracked vaccines


In this article for his website, Dr. Joseph Mercola shows us that the coronavirus vaccine is not just an issue of health, but also of human independence. 

First, he shows us how current coronavirus vaccines, particularly that of Moderna, are failing to fulfill their promise, and are in fact causing harm to their subjects. Mercola also shows us the history of failures in coronavirus vaccine development. Next, he explains to us the dangers of a fast-tracked vaccine, and how the pandemic has become a tool for profiteering designed to benefit a specific group of people. 

Mercola ends his article by making an important call. He says that we must fight for our right to informed consent and defend vaccine exemptions. This is an important call as it means protecting one’s right to decide for one’s body.

Editor’s Note: Mercola’s article is a gem for the reasons already stated above, and for the videos he included in it. It is also most important at this time as many countries are already starting to purchase millions of doses of a vaccine that has not yet been proven effective.

In the first part of his article, he shows us the actual interview of Bill Gates where we can see first-hand how Gates struggled to explain away the negative side effects of the vaccines and to attribute authority to the FDA to assure the viewers that vaccines developed will have been checked thoroughly for due diligence. But if you know history, then you know the collusion between FDA and Big Pharma.

In addition, many countries are waiting for a vaccine to end their lockdowns. The most important point in Mercola’s article is that if we are to maintain our individual freedom, we must be brave, for the battle is difficult and confusing. But the solution to our dilemma is accessible, if only we have the willingness and strength to search for it [this is a theme that has been expounded on by Nicanor in his blog, END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us]. 

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