June 25, 2024

New COVID surge in 4 out of 5 top vaccinated countries in the world


The following article was written by Robert Hart. It was published by Forbes last May 11, 2021.

In this report, Hart discusses the new COVID surge happening in four out of the top five vaccinated countries in the world. Seychelles, the UAE, Chile, and Bahrain are all fighting a new surge in COVID cases. Hart raises caution for the US, which holds the sixth most vaccinated country in the world.

Editor’s Note: A reading of Hart’s article shows that he believes that the new surges could be due to the ineffectiveness of the Chinese vaccines and the relaxation of “pandemic restrictions”. We stress that no studies have been made in this regard and that this is simply Hart’s opinion.

What is not being said in Hart’s article is that COVID injections cannot prevent infection and transmission, and hence, cannot be used to create herd immunity. All previous framing of the vaccine as the “ultimate exit strategy from lockdown” has no scientific footing.

This statement of fact does not even look at the adverse reactions from the injections, which adds a new layer of complication. In the Philippines, Sinovac registered a lesser number of adverse reactions compared to AstraZeneca, which uses a new vaccine technology. This means that lower efficacy should not be used as a basis for comparison.

Philippines Adverse Events Following Immunization, report as of May 2, 2021.
Source: https://www.fda.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Reports-of-Suspected-Adverse-Reaction-to-COVID-19-Vaccines-as-of-02-May-2021.pdf

Hart insinuates in his article that the lower efficacy of Chinese vaccines could be the reason why cases are increasing. But this means nothing, considering Pfizer and Moderna are also causing breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated, [see CDC: 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans have contracted COVID-19, 74 dead.] The number specified in this article from the CDC has risen to 9,245 breakthrough cases, with 132 resulting in death.[1]https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/health-departments/breakthrough-cases.html

Meanwhile, we know of Haiti, where life has gone back to normal despite no vaccine administered [read One of the world’s poorest countries has one of the world’s lowest COVID death rates]. We also know that in the months before India started its campaign for mass COVID injections (the official start was on January 16, 2021), their cases were very low. In these two cases, we can’t say that vaccines played any part in reducing infections.

Graph from Worldometers

To conclude, the narrative that vaccines are the solution to the pandemic is nothing more than an illusion. Knowing this, we question the need for mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports.

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