February 28, 2024

Mandaluyong City uses new reporting strategy: Shows more vaccinated people getting symptomatic COVID


Mandaluyong, a city in the National Capital Region, Philippines, has pioneered a new way of monitoring COVID cases.

Unlike other areas in the country, Mandaluyong has made it a practice to categorize new cases into vaccination status and the level of disease per case. This strategy is important because then it would be easy for people to see how effective the vaccines are.

Image 1: September 1, 2021 report from Mandaluyong.

Based on September 1, 2021, report (see image 1 above), we are seeing that more vaccinated people are testing positive for COVID, 51 of whom are fully vaccinated, and 12 are partially vaccinated. That’s 60% of all cases for the day coming from vaccinated individuals. Among the vaccinated, 27 were asymptomatic while 36 were mildly symptomatic. Meanwhile, 42 individuals who tested positive were unvaccinated, 18 of whom are minors. There were no critical cases or deaths for both vaccinated and unvaccinated on this day.

Image 2: August 18, 2021 report from Mandaluyong.

We checked a mid-month report released on August 18, 2021 (see image 2 above) just to compare. On this day, it is apparent that more vaccinated individuals have once again, accounting for 85 (70.83%) out of the 120 who tested positive on this day. Fifty-eight (58) of the vaccinated who tested positive on this day were asymptomatic, while 27 experienced mild to moderate symptoms.

We hope that Mandaluyong would release monthly data categorized in the same way so that we will be able to see the patterns. Nevertheless, in the interest of educating our readers, we would like to point out some important details from these reports.

First is that the increasing number of vaccinated individuals who are testing positive for COVID is an international trend [see 75% of new COVID cases in Singapore are vaccinated, Almost 50% infected with Delta variant in Israel are fully vaccinated, Document from Public Health England shows Delta less deadly than original strain, vaccinated more vulnerable to Delta variant, Study confirms possibility that vaccine recipients will face ADE injuries and deaths, Countries with the highest vaccination rates also facing surge in COVID cases and deaths, World’s most vaccinated nation activates new lockdowns as cases rise, New COVID surge in 4 out of 5 top vaccinated countries in the world].

This then drives home the point that the vaccines cannot lead to herd immunity, and hence, should not be used as a public health policy for controlling the virus [see Iceland and Denmark: No herd immunity from vaccines, Iceland epidemiologist says herd immunity cannot be achieved by vaccines, New York Times: Herd immunity will not be achieved with vaccines].

Second, the data is showing that a large number of fully vaccinated are showing up to be asymptomatic. We know, from research, however, that despite not showing symptoms, the fully vaccinated can become super spreaders [see Research shows fully vaccinated individuals infected with COVID have become presymptomatic superspreaders]. This is further validated by the fact that more vaccinated people (compared to the unvaccinated) are showing up sick and symptomatic. Could this be a signal of antibody-dependent enhancement? [Read Vaccines do not fully control Delta variant: Majority of COVID deaths are from vaccinated. Evidence of dangerous ADE at work, What is pathogenic priming?, Dr. Robert Malone: COVID vaccines are causing the virus to become more infectious].

Meanwhile, none of the vaccinated and unvaccinated are in critical condition, and none have died from both groups. This is not surprising since COVID really has a very low infection fatality rate (IFR), a fact that has been obscured by the media and several government agencies [see CDC updates planning scenarios, shows IFR lower than flu, New estimates put COVID infection fatality rate at 0.15%, WHO says 10% of the world infected with SARS-CoV-2, puts IFR at 0.14%].

Now if these are the kinds of results are being registered among the vaccinated and unvaccinated, how can governments continue to believe that the vaccines work? What is their basis for saying that the vaccines are effective? [New research is showing that the efficacy of vaccines is already falling and that the vaccines are useless, read Pfizer’s efficacy drops in Israel, cannot prevent people from getting COVID Delta variant, Finland study shows vaccines, universal masking, useless against Delta variant, New data shows vaccines useless against COVID in the long-term, Pre-print study from Japan shows Delta will acquire complete resistance to current COVID vaccines, France’s long-time vaccine policy chief: covid policy is “completely stupid” and “unethical”].

We encourage all LGUs to follow the example of Mandaluyong City in their reporting of COVID infections. We think that if we had full access to COVID data, there is so much more we will be able to uncover, and this COVID hysteria will come crashing down.

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