June 14, 2024

Dr. David Martin: Experimental mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines, they are a medical device


The following 9 minute video is part of a much longer conversation between Rocco Galati, Robert Kennedy Jr., Judy A. Mikovitz, and Dr. David Martin. The 2-hour long conversation was launched last January 5, 2021 by Sacha Stone and Line In The Sand.

In the video attached below, Dr. David Martin, stresses that Pfizer and Moderna’s new product are not vaccines. They are instead. “a medical device designed to stimulate the cell into becoming a pathogen creator”. Judy Mikovitz clarifies that these products should be called a synthetic pathogen injected into the living cell of the body. Dr. Martin adds, “it is made to make you sick”, which explains why 80% of those who received the Pfizer and Moderna synthetic pathogen have developed symptoms while 80% of those who were exposed to SARS-CoV-2 have no symptoms.

Watch the full 2 hour video through Bitchute.

Editor’s Note: This is a new idea that Dr. David Martin has just introduced to us. If we look at Pfizer and Moderna synthetic pathogens as medical devices instead of a vaccine, then a new level of regulation should have been used to assess their fitness for mass consumption.

If we look at the Pfizer and Moderna synthetic pathogens not as vaccines but as medical devices, then we will begin to understand why experts are raising caution against this global experiment [Petition against Pfizer and other coronavirus vaccines launched in the UK].

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