December 6, 2023

Youtube removed 500,000+ videos under its one-sided COVID rules


In a letter released by Youtube’s Susan Wojcicki last January 26, 2021, she outlined some of the priorities of the video platform this year. Under the section “Living Up To Our Responsibilities”, Wojcicki promised to continue removing content that could “lead to real world harm, raise up authoritative and trusted content, reduce view of borderline content, and reward content who meet…even higher bar for monetization”.

She goes on to relate how their updated policies have led them to remove more than 500,000 views since February 2020, as well as promote information relating to vaccination, health, and racial justice.

Editor’s Note: What is the difference between censorship today and censorship during the Dark Ages? These days, it is the “scientists” who are doing the censoring, and they use high tech tools to do it. Otherwise everything is the same. Both in the Dark Ages and in this modern era, “authorities” claim they do it for the common good, but end up promoting only one sided facts. They claim that it will not impinge on human dignity, but they prevent others from thinking critically and discovering a new narrative. They reward those who blindly follow their directives, and those who dare to push for an alternative view are punished.

And like the Dark Ages, people are cowering in their homes, fearful of their lives, when the solution to their suffering are well within their grasp. Truly, if we are to break away from this prison we brought ourselves into, we will need an extra level of courage to do so [see Nicanor Perlas: It will take an extra level of courage to end this “pandemic”].

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2 thoughts on “Youtube removed 500,000+ videos under its one-sided COVID rules

    1. Hi Karen,

      There are many platforms available. Bit Chute is becoming a go-to for many individuals and organizations banned by YT for pushing alternative ideas.

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