June 20, 2024

Study: Subjects of vaccine trials must be informed of possible worsened clinical disease


The following is a study published by the International Journal of Clinical Practice last October 2020. Through the review of related literature, the researchers hoped to identify preclinical and clinical evidence of the possibility that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to the circulating SARS-CoV-2 virus. The study also reviewed COVID vaccine trial protocols to determine if risks were properly disclosed to subjects.

The study’s conclusion is straightforward and does not need reinterpretation. It says, “The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE [antibody-dependent enhancement] should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent”.

Editor’s Note: As vaccine trials have already stopped, and experimentation is now being done on the general public through mass vaccination programs, we must now ask the question: are the recipients of experimental vaccines aware that they are part of an experiment [also read COVID vaccines are paving the way for non-consensual medical experimentation of the general public]? Are they informed of the risks they are taking? Do they know that they will have no legal recourse should they be permanent injured [also read No legal recourse, compensation for vaccine injuries]?

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2 thoughts on “Study: Subjects of vaccine trials must be informed of possible worsened clinical disease

  1. I was just saying to my wife , a month ago, that Pfizer and Moderns, we’re using the current mass vaccinations for data collection.
    They r doing it this way, because they didn’t follow accepted protocols for phased trials , in animals and humans.
    This is absolutely reprehensible and there is no excuse or possible explanation, that could warrant this criminal behavior!

  2. Thank Heaven, there are still Drs and Scientists still in possession of a Moral Compass and can see straight through this reckless Agenda.The Biggest indicator of all that is the total absence of any open Dialogue between Scientists who have any constructive criticism -Not one single open forum discussion held on TV anywhere in the World ? That should send Alarm Bells Ringing to anyone considering this so called “Vaccine”
    The people who are sounding the words of Caution have all been shut out of Mainstream Media, some of the Greatest Minds in World Science have been Divested of any platform where they might offer opinions or Caveats regarding this Experimental Vaccine that has NEVER been used on humans before .
    The Trials were subject to the most Flawed procedures you could ever think of.
    For instance the Placebo recipients were later given the real Vaccine which is unheard of as even a school boy can figure out there is no longer any element of comparison available to collect Data.
    Think about why on Earth Governments are still locking down people and telling them to wear masks AFTER Vaccination?

    The reason is that once vaccinated people mix in an environment where they can be exposed to “Wild ” variant of Coronavirus in the community at some time in the future, they will be in danger of a severe immune system reaction which could cause Death , or total disability
    Add into the equation that many Hospitals are already narrowing the Triage criteria for Do not resuscitate due to “Covid putting a strain on the NHS” and you can see how very High the Risks are for Accepting what is a non peer reviewed Experiment on Humanity.
    Also ANY woman of child bearing age should be aware that NO TESTS WHATSOEVER were carried out on Pregnant women during these trials and one trial only consisted of 45 participants.

    The official line from Government is “There is no Evidence that this vaccine causes harm to pregnant women”
    What the Government stop short of telling the public is there is simply no evidence because they did not trial the Vaccine on pregnant Women.
    This is a Play on words A Dangerous Deceit that is being wilfully Engineered by people like Gates, and a Cabal of Globalists who have only their own financial interests at Heart and are Eugenicists.
    This is a moment in the History of the World that holds more Danger to us all than any previous World Wars as this is a Global Assault on Humanity.
    If you think I am a Tin foil Hat, Flat Earther Type Nutter and discount my reasoning without looking carefully, I am afraid you are the victim of being Duped by a Propaganda mechanism that has Basically Engulfed the Worlds Media, including Censored Social Media.
    Think about our Children, George Osborne has been recently cited as advocating the Vaccine for Children, ask yourself why ?
    Children are not affected by the Virus –
    The Vaccine has NEVER been trialled on Children , this is Pharma Genocide in the making, people playing God with Gene therapy in some Frankenstein Experiment on Humanity.
    The effects of the Vaccine are irreversible – its like jumping off a Cliff .
    Ask yourself why all these eminent Scientists are calling out warnings and being shut down by MSM and Social media – all owned by the same people behind this Covid Vaccine roll out.
    If you cannot Join the Dots here you must be unable to think outside the Box.
    The Scientists calling out to warn us all have no financial advantage in doing this, they simply stand by their Hypocratic Oath to “Do No Harm” The people pushing the Vaccine stand to make lots of money.
    This has everything to do with money and nothing to do with keeping us all safe.
    That is why Health Boards are already putting DNR notices on the notes of Covid patients with Learning Difficulties. The Jigsaw continues to reveal itself for those who are intelligent enough to look.

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