May 30, 2024

Australian lawyers call on government to scale back COVID restrictions


The following is a 36-page open letter written by the Concerned Lawyers Network (CLN) addressed to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Federal Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly and several other Australian government officials.

The document discusses 15 salient points relating to SARS-CoV-2 and its resulting disease, COVID-19. The authors also caution the government on potential liabilities if they continue to rely false information in their pandemic response policy.

Editor’s Note: This document from the CLN summarizes most of the important evidences proving that the pandemic response of most countries are violating their constitutions and international law safeguarding human rights.

The evidences presented by the CLN in this document are all well documented and may be accessed online. Feel free to read them all and make your own conclusions on whether this “pandemic” is justified.

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