April 17, 2024

Pediatrician says heart inflammation following vaccination looked like kids were having a heart attack


This news report was republished by Keyt on June 17, 2021. Keyt is an affiliate of ABC, CBS and Fox.

In this report, CNN correspondent Maggie Fox cited statements from Dr. Judith Guzman-Cottrill who said that the teenage boys who experienced myocarditis following injection “complained of chest pain and general discomfort, and tests looked at first as if they were suffering an acute myocardial infarction or heart attack”. All the young patients who experienced myocarditis were hospitalized but they quickly recovered.

Guzman-Cottrill says in a meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee that she believes that the heart inflammation might be a reaction to the vaccine. She said, “I am wondering if myocarditis is actually an additional rare adverse event related to systemic reactive edits and/or immunogenicity and these younger patients just tend to have more reactogenicity compared to older populations – and more severe reactogenicity”.

Though most children who experience heart inflammation following immunization recover, Guzman-Cottroll was quick to add, “We still don’t know to this day what the optimal therapy is”.

Editor’s Note: We add this article on our website because this is the first look we have at the real suffering caused by myocarditis among vaccinated children. It also gives us an almost-honest statement that health experts do not really know how to treat the condition.

Some of these children who have experienced heart inflammation died, and to this day, health experts do not know why. If you are a parent and you’re thinking of having your child vaccinated, we hope you think twice. Your child still has many fruitful years ahead of him/her. Are you willing to take on the consequences of gambling with your child’s life?

Because there are no long-term trials, we have no way of knowing whether these “recoveries” from “mild” myocarditis are long-term recoveries, or if they are temporary and could lead to death [also see THE VACCINE DELUSION, PART 1: CBCP Pro-Vaccine Decision Huge Mistake. Vaccines will Not Remove Lockdowns. Ignores Reports of Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccine Serious Injuries Including Death].

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