September 22, 2023

Newly vaccinated health workers among Tacloban’s fresh COVID cases


In this June 16, 2021 report by ABS-CBN, Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez said that recent COVID infections in the city were mostly health workers, many of whom were already fully vaccinated.

Around 100 health workers were infected, but a majority of them were asymptomatic.

Editor’s Note: As we have seen from previous articles on this website, this is not a unique incident. Several countries that used Chinese vaccines are now seeing new surges in cases [read Early adopters of Chinese vaccines see surges in COVID-positive cases]. Were these health workers truly infected by SARS-CoV-2, or is the RT-PCR test only returning false positive results? If the health workers were asymptomatic, why were they tested? Are hospitals still testing indiscriminately? Are these health workers asymptomatic because they are already immune to COVID-19 but the misleading RT-PCR tests picking up fragments of inactive RNA?

Cases like this requires the government to finally pay attention to testing. As has been stressed by many experts, indiscriminate testing, especially using something as ultra-sensitive as the RT-PCR, causes the increase in false-positive tests, hence making the test useless [

And as has been the experience of our country for over the year now, if these false positives are not curbed, our health care system (and health workers, too) will continue to suffer.

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