June 16, 2024

COVID-19 models that triggered lockdowns ignored huge historical data on managing viral pandemics


The following is a peer-reviewed article published last June 7, 2021 by the journal History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences.

In this article, authors George Herriot and Eusebius Jamrozik discusses how initial epidemiological models of COVID—19 ignored patterns from past pandemics of the last 130 years which could have been useful for pandemic preparedness and response.

The article says, “although medical science has advanced considerably in recent centuries, the spread of respiratory viruses between human hosts has changed little for millennia. People are infected in the same way, suffer the same way, and die the same way. Therefore, with respect to the transmission and sequelae of pandemic viruses, twenty-first century human communities may bear greater resemblance to communities win the eighteenth and nineteenth century than to an abstracted representation within an epidemiological model. Moreover, epidemiological studies of the variation of the expression of past pandemics in different communities may be more informative for current pandemic responses than model simulations based on combinations of uncertain abstract input variables”.

Unlike mathematical models, historical data for forecasting looks at local experiences and contexts. Historical records will also allow public health experts to predict the medium- and long-term consequences of the pandemic and the impacts of their decision.

Editor’s Note: Solutions created for COVID-19 disregarded all the lessons of the past. One of the clearest indication of this is that all the extreme interventions implemented by governments during the COVID crisis were already previously studied and found to have be ineffective [see Will the real WHO please stand up?].

For some reason, during this “pandemic”, doctors and public health experts forgot to utilize the best practices developed from decades of medicine practice. Doctors who offered insights on early treatment protocols were ignored and censored. Governments favored the use of experimental treatments and vaccine over the repurposing of safer drugs with decades of data.

Through the urging of a corrupted World Health Organizaton, and the help of false news from mainstream media, governments lusting for totalitarian control attempted to scam billions around the planet. Left at its wake are damaged economies, the sufferings of millions, trauma among our children, and the loss of freedom and liberty. Now, with the exposure of the emails of the fraudulent Fauci, and the push back of thousands of health experts, their scam is about to come to a screeching halt!

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