July 24, 2024

Santa Clara county revises official COVID death toll, down by 22%

Santa Clara county revises official COVID death toll, down by 22%

In this July 2, 2021 report for CBS San Francisco Bay Area, Maria Medina reports on a recent mortality audit conducted by Santa Clara County health leaders.

According to the report, the county reviewed each COVID-19 fatality and counted only those whose cause of death was from the virus and excluding those who tested positive for COVID-19 at the time of death but did not necessarily die from the virus. The audit caused the county’s COVID death toll to drop by 22%, from 2,201 to 1,696 deaths.

The audit came as county health officials wanted to figure out the true impact of the virus on the community. Another county, Alameda also refined their COVID reports last June and also found a drop in the death toll.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, infectious disease expert and University of California San Francisco Professor of Medicine, gave this comment following the release of the audit report: “It is important to go back and do this accounting to see if COVID was actually the cause of death…I think that transparent communication is an upside, I mean, in the sense that it’s true that if we did this across the nation, it would bring our death rate lower.” Dr. Gandhi believes that the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) might soon ask all counties to do that same audit and that the US might soon see a drop in its COVID-19 death toll.

Editor’s Note: This is the reason why at the beginning of this “pandemic” we have been insisting on the need to classify deaths properly [see Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System]. We have said repeatedly, deaths DUE TO COVID are different from deaths WITH COVID [see Lessons we can learn from COVID-19 autopsies].

Now, this article opens an important question for a country like the Philippines where death accounting is problematic [see PSA data on deaths shows government either manipulating us or covering up their mistake]. We wonder: if the Philippines makes a death audit, how many deaths will be excluded? Will we realize then that we just destroyed our economy for nothing?

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