May 25, 2024

93 Israeli doctors: Do not use COVID vaccines on children


This article was published by Israel National News (also known as Arutz Sheva) on April 11, 2021. It covers a joint letter of protest signed by 93 Israeli doctors which called on the Israeli government to refrain from the plan to administer COVID vaccines to children. Here are a few of the more important points mentioned in the letter:

  • The doctors insist that there is no reason to vaccinate children at this time, as COVID is not a danger to children.
  • The vaccine cannot lead to herd immunity as there is little evidence showing that it prevents the spread of the virus. Aside from this, there is no information on how long it confers protection, and whether it can protect against variants of SARS-CoV-2.
  • The vaccine will have long-term adverse effects which are currently unknown.
  • With the level of vaccination in Israel, children can return to their normal life safely, even without vaccination.
  • Vaccines should be allocated for at-risk populations to decrease the negative effects of the virus.
  • The doctors reiterate: “Do not rush to vaccinate children as long as the full picture is not clear. Coronavirus does not endanger children, and the first rule in medicine is ‘first do no harm’. The full picture is expected in many months, and possibly years.”

The article ends with the following words: “We believe that our children should be allowed to return to the routine of their blessed lives immediately, and should not be vaccinated against Covid-19…Asymptomatic children’s tests, which have no clinical significance but cause widespread indirect damage, and the mass isolation cycles in education frameworks, should be stopped immediately. It should be emphasized to the public that even vaccinated people can be infected and infect, and that the same rules of conduct apply to everyone without connection to vaccination status. We must stop pointing the finger of blame at the unvaccinated, and we must stop violating the rights of the individual. We must immediately stop all forms of exclusion and separation between people in the public sphere.” [Emphasis added].

Editor’s Note: If you want to measure how fearful a country is, then check how willing they are to experiment on their children and their futures.

Israel is not alone in planning to vaccinate its children. In the US, talk of vaccinating children is also ongoing, even as previous debates on the dangers of “standard” vaccines remain unresolved.[1] Why would anyone want to subject their children to a vaccine that has no long term safety data? Where are the risk-benefit assessments for this proposal?

For us who have been monitoring the developments in COVID research for over a year now, we know that such a proposal is generational suicide. To say that it is unacceptable is an understatement. It will condemn future generations to a suffering they had no hand in choosing. Experimenting on children is the ultimate crime against humanity.

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