June 16, 2024

Vaccines are not strong enough for herd immunity, declared by an infectious disease expert in the Philippines. This has been reported in the article written by Franco Jose C. Baroña and published in Manila Times on March 22, 2022.

Dr. Edsel Salvaña, a member of the Department of Health-Technical Advisory Group, said that with the vaccines available, herd immunity against Covid-19 will never be achieved, while the vaccines can prevent severe cases and death, their efficacy rate for preventing infection is only 30 to 40 percent, from the 90 percent before the virus was first detected and when there were no variants yet. [See Fauci Admits Vaccines are Failing to Protect Vaccinated from COVID Hospitalization and Death; Fauci: Children Hospitalized because of COVID are Overcounted.]

Furthermore, Salvaña said only the World Health Organization could declare that the pandemic has ended. However, there are indications that Covid-19 is becoming endemic in the Philippines. “First, there is a low transmission of the virus and second, even though people are still getting sick, because of the high level of vaccinations, not that many people end up in hospitals, though there are still deaths the numbers are not as high as it originally was.” [See Omicron makes vaccine mandates obsolete.]

In addition, Salvaña stated during a briefing on Monday; it is no longer correct to call it herd immunity because vaccine effectiveness has been drastically reduced.

Editor’s Note: It took them one year to realize that herd immunity cannot be achieved by these experimental jabs, while other infectious diseases experts and epidemiologists of other nations have seen this early on [see Iceland epidemiologist says herd immunity cannot be achieved by vaccines; Iceland and Denmark: No herd immunity from vaccines; New York Times: Herd immunity will not be achieved with vaccines; Herd immunity may still be the key to fighting COVID-19].

Our Philippine expert here says it is incorrect to call herd immunity anymore. Does he mean our only way to end this pandemic is through the covid jabs? Or perhaps, he doesn’t believe in natural immunity, does he? [See Iceland: Vaccines Not Enough, as Many as Possible People Need to be Infected for herd immunity; South Africa eases most COVID restrictions, citing high population immunity.]

However, before we go further, we reiterate that the COVID-19 infection fatality rate is 0.042% for age 40-50, with a survival rate of 99.958%. Healthy individuals below 30 have almost zero chance of getting severe or death because of covid [see Updated IFR for COVID Confirms 99.9987% Survival for Under-20’s]. What’s the role of these vaccines, then? [See DOH Admitted: Fully-Vaccinated People Can Still Get COVID-19; US CDC Director Admits: Too Little Caution and Too Much Optimism For COVID Jab 95% Efficacy; CDC Head declares COVID’ vaccines’ don’t prevent infections or transmissions.]

Since the vaccine efficacy diminishes, have these authorities and touted experts shifted their focus to booster shots? [See COVID Vaccines Efficacy Wanes Thus Public is Encouraged to Get Booster Shots; Is it safe to take COVID booster shots annually?]. What does global data say about booster shots? [See Endless boosters can lead to increased autoimmune disease; Do European Union Drug Regulators Finally See Booster Shots as Unnecessary?; EMA Warns Against Frequent Booster Shots; COVID Boosters May Compromise Immune System Ability to Fight Virus; WHO: Boosters Using Original COVID Vaccines not Appropriate or Sustainable; Evidence Shows: Taking Booster Shot is Insanity.]

Also, they are just so engrossed with the prevention of covid severity and fatality, have they looked at the vaccine adverse events? Or are they still strumming their guitars, singing covid jabs are safe and effective? [See DMED Data Shows Massive Vaccine Injuries Among Military, DOD Manipulates Data to Coverup; PfizerGate Scandal: The Worldwide Cover-up of Data to Hide Covid-19 Vaccines Cause VAIDS; Israeli data shows vaccine side effects not rare at all;  If COVID vaccines were safe, then why are governments talking about compensation for vaccine injuries?; Thailand to pay $45M over vaccine side effects; German insurers: Government underreporting side effects of the COVID vaccines].

What could be the next plan? Cases are decreasing, a covid jab cannot achieve herd immunity, they don’t patronize natural immunity, yet we are nearing endemic, or perhaps we are in the endemic stage; what holds the government in declaring pandemic is over? [See Why can’t the Philippine government give up its unscientific, illogical, and useless COVID policies?; What Possibly Holds Duque from Recommending Alert Level 0?]

Or the right question, since WHO is in “power” to declare the end of the pandemic, is there an end to this? Or are these health authorities [not elected by people] brewing something more sinister for humanity? [See World Health Assembly Agrees to Launch Process to Develop Global Treaty to Fight Pandemics; World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative].

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