July 24, 2024

What Possibly Holds Duque from Recommending Alert Level 0?

What Possibly Holds Duque from Recommending Alert Level 0?

Despite the consistently low fresh covid cases for the past week, Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III seemed unenthusiastic and cautious about the covid surge in neighboring countries with over 70% vaccination rate. He backpedaled in recommending alert level 0.

Perhaps, Duque had determined that once the government allows alert level 0, it will be harder for them to encourage people to take the jab.

Although, one of his worries is the transmission during the election campaign. Was there a rise in cases from hundreds of people who gathered in the Philippine Sports Arena for a political rally?

They would probably say that attendees were all vaccinated, but we all know how covid jab failed to protect the covid transmission, especially in closed areas, even with the masks on.

Can we possibly say because there was no testing; therefore, there were no cases?

Furthermore, DOH appears to have adhered to their narratives that covid is deadly and covid jabs are safe and effective, thus the tenacity to give immunocompromised and senior citizens the fourth dose.

When global data shows, covid jabs are useless to mitigate covid.

Countries with high vaccination rates and boosted are still confronted with covid upsurges; why does the Philippines aim for a 90% inoculation rate when clearly covid injections do not provide herd immunity?

Is Duque’s fear unprecedented and overly cautious, or does he know that the higher the vaccination rate, the higher the cases and fatality?

Is this an excellent alibi to keep the Alert Level 1 and be obstinate in the inoculation campaign?

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