July 22, 2024

Government Fails to Meet 5M Goal of 3rd Mass Vaccination Drive, Says Filipinos Don’t See the Urgency in Taking Boosters

Government Fails to Meet 5M Goal of 3rd Mass Vaccination Drive, Says Filipinos Don’t See the Urgency in Taking Boosters

In this February 18, 2022 article published by Manila Standard, Willie Casas reports that the Philippine government’s third mass inoculation drive has failed to reach its target of vaccinating 5million people.

According to the report, the government has acknowledged that the third mass vaccination drive may fall short of its 5 million target due to the low public urgency for booster jabs. In a press briefing, Health Undersecretary Myrna Cabotaje said, “The uptick is not yet that quick, especially for the booster  They see this as important, but the… urgency is lacking [they] do not see that they should get the booster immediately.”

However, the government is ramping up pediatric COVID-19 vaccination to return to school by August 2022 safely. In an interview with ANC, Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said, “We are really trying to vaccinate our children so that they will be safe also when they go to school. By August for this next school year, the plan would be that schools will really open… We’ve started already with the pilot implementation for face-to-face classes, and the whole objective would be that eventually, by this next school year, everything will be starting.”

Editor’s Note: This report steers us to two points. First, people are no longer interested in taking the booster shot because they no longer see that it is useful, seeing that people who have taken the vaccine have been infected with COVID, or have been hospitalized (if not died) of COVID.

The Philippine government is ramping up the rollout of booster shots while other countries have already started lifting covid mandates [see Denmark Ends All Covid-related Restrictions Despite High Covid Cases; How Denmark decided COVID isn’t a critical threat to society; More European countries roll back COVID restrictions]. These latest developments from Europe may have led more people to question the necessity of COVID jabs.

The authorities cannot utilize cases to scare people anymore because Omicron made the covid jab obsolete. Omicron has infected almost everybody, regardless of vaccination status. This means that as far as new variants go, the covid jabs do not work. What these covid purveyors can do is to mislead the people; they are now just pulling numbers magically out of nowhere [see Duque Dials Fear, Says Those Who Died from COVID are Unvaccinated].

The second point is the changing goalpost for the resumption of face-to-face classes. What is vague and misleading is the inconsistent orders from the Department of Education (DepEd). On September 7, 2021, the Department of Education and Department of Health released Joint memorandum circular No. 1, which states, “Regardless of the vaccination status, teachers and other employees are eligible to participate, while those with stable co-morbidities may join voluntarily1https://www.deped.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/DEPED-DOH-JMC-No.-01-s.-2021.pdf.” However, on February 2, 2022, DepEd published office order, 00-OSEC-2022-003, Interim Guidelines on the Expansion of Limited Face to Face classes, where item 1 (g) states: “only vaccinated teachers may participate and vaccinated learners shall be preferred[efn-note]https://www.teachersclick.com/2022/02/interim-guidelines-on-expansion-of.html[/efn_note].” What caused DEPED to make this change when no cluster of infections have been identified to begin in schools? If there were cases related to schools, we are sure that mainstream media would have over-reported it, like a predator waiting for its prey to make a mistake.

Also, requiring vaccination for face-to-face classes is a clear violation of RA 11525. Are we, once again, going to allow our government to violate the very laws they have created?

With this soft coercion, some students dashed to take the jab to go back to school and see old friends. Their actions have repercussions, for some students now suffer severe adverse events following covid jab [see Psychiatric Disorder Following Pfizer COVID Jab, Not a Rare Case, VigiAccess Has Recorded Thousands of Cases].

Are we going to shove this kind of adverse event like it’s just an ordinary headache? Why do they push jabs for kids when kids are not in any way at risk for covid?   Why do the authorities employ such coercive jab mandates? Why does the government insist on using doses from 2020 when those do not work for 2022 variants? Why are manufacturers immune to any liability from injuries caused by their experimental jabs? Who will be responsible if you suffer any “rare” severe adverse events?

Those are questions you have to ask and answer before you gamble your life through these experimental gene therapies [see Bayer Pharmaceuticals President Admits mRNA “Vaccines” are Cell and Gene Therapy; It’s All About Language: Covid Jab is Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine; Vaccine-injured Speak Out: DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE; CDC Data Suggests Nearly 35,000 Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries, Including Death Among 5- to 17-Year-Olds; Latest VAERS report shows increased vaccine injuries among children; Dr. Vernon Coleman: mRNA Jabs are Causing Cardiac Disorders Resulting to Sudden Deaths and Serious Injuries; Is Prion Disease Finally Showing Up as a Vaccine Adverse Event?; Peer-reviewed research shows mRNA vaccines can cause neurodegenerative diseases; New York Times: Some recipients of experimental COVID vaccines developing rare autoimmune disease after jab]. Your decision today will shape your family’s future and that of humanity.

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    1. Thank you for these links Chauf! We are happy to see the developments happening in other parts of the world as our own leaders are now being confronted with irrationality of their decisions.

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