February 21, 2024

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said on Monday, February 7, 2022, that most of those who have died from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were unvaccinated. The story on this was written by Dhel Nazario and published by Manila Bulletin on February 7, 2022.

During the President’s pre-recorded public address, he asked Duque what percentage of those who have died from COVID-19 were unvaccinated. The health secretary answered that 93 percent of the deaths involve those not vaccinated against COVID-19. [See Is it True that the Majority of Hospitals are Occupied by the Vaccine-Free with COVID-19?]

He did not mention the specifics of the data he shared and added that 85 percent of the severe and critical cases are also unvaccinated. Department of Health said: “When we avail of the vaccines proven to be safe and effective made available by the government, we do not just protect ourselves, we also protect our communities.” [See What is causing the explosion of COVID cases which is now leading to panic, and tyrannical, illegal mandates in the Philippines?]

Editor’s Note: This is another form of fear-mongering. Before anyone believes this report, one must look at the evidence that enabled Duque to make the statement he made. On that note, we must ask, what data did he base his estimate on? Was he only referring to deaths from March 1, 2021, when the COVID vaccines were rolled out or was he referring to data as far back as March 2020?

How about we look at other news to determine the veracity of Duque’s claims? Here are a few important ones that come to mind.

What also propels covid positive cases is the faulty RT-PCR test. Are those hospitalized, severe, and died solely BECAUSE of Covid-19 or did they go to the hospital for a different illness and just happened to test positive for COVID (this is what Fauci called incidental COVID)? That is something we have to look into because there is evidence that covid-deaths are over-counted [see John Ioannidis: COVID Deaths Massively Over-counted; British Funeral Director Reveals Government Scare Propaganda, Covid Crimes and Deaths Following Vaccination; UK families demand inquiry on death certificates, relatives wrongly classified as COVID deaths; Lisbon court rules only 152 or 0.9% of 17,000 ‘verified deaths’ died of COVID; Italian report shows only 2.9% of COVID deaths were solely due to the virus; UK Office for National Statistics Admits ONLY 6,000 People Died of Covid-19 Instead of 150,000 Perpetuated by the UK Government and Mainstream Media].

Also, may we funnel you to the Philippine Statistics Authority preliminary data showing excess deaths of 46.5% for 2021 and counting. What could be the driving force behind this? [See 2021 Excess Deaths in the Philippines Shows Pandemic, but it is Not COVID.]

Is Duque’s imprudent declaration implies the imposition of new restrictions to the vaccine-free? Are they that desperate to achieve their purported herd immunity? Do they really want to hold us hostage and make us into milking cows for their Big Pharma cohorts? [see Iceland and Denmark: No herd immunity from vaccines; Iceland epidemiologist says herd immunity cannot be achieved by vaccines; New York Times: Herd immunity will not be achieved with vaccines; Geert Vanden Boosche: Natural immunity, not vaccines, will create herd immunity; Why Can’t COVID Vaccines Create Herd Immunity? Also Read, How the Amish reached herd immunity without long-term lockdowns, masking, and vaccines].

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