May 30, 2024

In this August 31, 2021 article published in The Pulse, Arjun Walia presented a recently published paper claiming the over-counting of COVID deaths in several countries.

The report presented a scientific paper[1] published in the European Journal of Epidemiology by John Ioannidis from Stanford Medical school and explains the death attributions of COVID-19.

  • Over-counting of deaths probably occurred in several countries and is most likely still occurring, specifically in countries with “intensive testing and high sensitization and/or incentives for COVID-19 diagnoses.”
  • Erroneous death certificates, even before COVID, a pandemic with unclear guidelines for a COVID death, have worsened the problem.
  • COVID-19 is a syndemic[2]a network of health problems that share common social underpinnings and cause an increased public health burden on a community where most deaths occur in people with several underlying diseases.

Editor’s Note: This study is proof that COVID-19 death counts are flawed and inaccurate. There is no pandemic in the first place, so for the puppet masters to support the claim, they have to bloat the numbers through data manipulation [also read Oregon Senators File Formal Grand Jury Petition Calling for Investigation into CDC’s Willful Misconduct to Hyperinflate COVID-19 Data].

Look at the Philippine scenario. For example, 2020 has no excess deaths [See Despite COVID-19, Philippines registers 3% lower deaths in 2020]. Why did the government implement a medical martial law? And until now, the country is still on lockdown and experimental mitigation measures, with no indication of letting up.

John Ioannidis’ data mentioned that COVID-19 is a syndemic; it really described what the world has had since 2020. The cause of death is not a mere COVID-19 disease but a web of health problems. And we know why they need to balloon the numbers.

The factors presented above are very accurate, and this report implies the following:

Data manipulation and misinformation come from top agencies (like CDC, and WHO), echoed by the squeaking mainstream media [Read Why the WHO cannot be trusted, W.H.O. has been captured by wealthy countries and big corporations, Power struggle between FDA and Big Pharma comes in full display, This is how COVID-19 death rates in the US are manipulated].

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2 a network of health problems that share common social underpinnings and cause an increased public health burden on a community

4 thoughts on “John Ioannidis: COVID Deaths Massively Over-counted

  1. At first I thought this was a serious website. You didn’t even read the title of the Ioannidis article.
    “Under and Over Counted”. Because he is an actual statistics god and medical research paragon, he covers it ethically. Shame on you.

  2. While Ioannidis’ article title uses “over and under-estimation” of covid deaths, if you read his article, you will see that the points we raised in the summary of this article is true. That COVID deaths are overcounted in many countries cannot be denied.

    The “underestimation” statement does not invalidate the fact that covid deaths are “over estimated” to the point that this overestimation has caused governments to utilize policies that are illogical and unscientific.

    The use of “over and under-estimation” does not mean “equal”. The point is that there is a problem with death counting that must be recognized by countries (which up to this point, they don’t despite all the researches saying that there is a problem).

    Ioannidis ends his article with these words:

    “Death certificates have always been inaccurate, but COVID-19 maximizes the challenge of prioritizing multiple comorbidities. In the USA, chain-of-event and contributing factor information in COVID-19 deaths seem congruent in most COVID-19 death certificates. However, congruence does not prove accuracy. In many other countries, death certificates are even more unreliable. Some financial incentives may promote coding for COVID-19. The unavoidable alert that a lethal infectious disease is circulating may also affect death cause attribution….Excess deaths should be scrutinized for death causes accentuated by the pandemic versus by measures taken against the pandemic, e.g. deaths due to disruption of health care, opioid overdoses, suicides, diseases of despair, starvation, tuberculosis, and more. Meticulous audit of medical records may offer insights, but even these records may be erratic. Many medical problems mentioned in free text are not entered in the electronic records’ problem list of COVID-19 patients. Autopsies also find many more problems than are otherwise reported. However, autopsies are exceedingly rare.

    Overall, given these difficulties, equating excess mortality to COVID-19 itself is probably naïve and flawed. Preliminarily, excess mortality in 2020–2021 has been substantially higher than reported COVID-19 deaths in several countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, Mexico, and India. However, the challenge is to disentangle the contributions of COVID-19 itself versus iatrogenic causes (e.g. use of harmful treatments like hydroxychloroquine and inappropriate mechanical ventilation), overwhelmed health systems due to the pandemic versus disrupted health systems due to aggressive, panic-driven measures, and other causes. Even before the pandemic, an estimated 5 million deaths annually worldwide were due to low-quality healthcare. The pandemic and the response to it probably created further challenges, especially for brittle health systems and brittle societies.”

    Science Versus Conscience: Is this a Dilemma?

    By Anonymous


    Justin Trudeau came out of hiding, and it seems he almost reveals a smug smile as he resorts to the hackneyed “trust the science” bromide in the following recent video. Both he, and his opposition leader, Candice Bergen, claim to be following the science and yet both advocates completely different policies based on different conclusions. [Double click on hyperlink below]:

    The irony here is that puppeteers across the mainstream media, along and various authority figures, have been admonishing the masses to “trust the science” even as they often distort the science (as Ryan Cristian has so often pointed out in his truly important podcasts at: TheLastAmericanVagabond.Com). Note: Ryan’s indefatigable work along with his razor-sharp mind has been exposing many, many distortions of this pandemic scam for a very long time. He deserves the Person of the Year award.

    What is particularly disturbing is that while Prime Minister Trudeau was on the lam, his friend and World Economic Forum WEF pal Mark Carney declared in an editorial letter there in Ottawa, that all people who have sent money to the truckers are supporting insurrection and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. See Tucker Carlson video explaining: [double click]:

    It would be bad enough if Mark Carney was some mere fake journalist or fake intellectual (of which there are way too many) but he is highly, highly connected into the most elite of the elite circles, such as he was a previous president to the Rothchild Bank of England (we will explore a bit more about him later as he relates to this story–but just realize the authoritarian attitude this banker economist immediately takes on over financial support for the truckers from citizens–pretty damm extremist for such a muckety muck!).

    Ironic, also, is that not only is the COVID debate (to the extent you can call it a debate) damaged by people who cannot agree on the assumed facts of “the science” (equally the global warming debate) but both debates are polluted intellectually with claims about legitimate sources of expertise regarding “the science”.

    This is such a gordian knot of complexity because various people who claim to know the truth on the relevant matters of each debate often are at odds as to what is true and important. Both debates are tainted in diverse ways (least of all the emotional weight people invest in their own coagulated perspectives) too often leading to almost quasi-psychosis episodes of delusional mayhem.

    Furthermore, there seems to be no agreement as to an honest and fair forum on which people can debate. Biases and distortions are so systemic within the combat zones that there is little honest sincerity in reaching truth by some actors.

    Winning the debate is more important than the arguments made, or the real truths acknowledged. Many have stopped arguing and communicating with previous acquaints and family members.

    Often scientists and their research projects are funded by special interests. For example, many research monies are funded by the fossil fuel industry, or the nuclear industry, or the green alternative industry, plus various foundations and think tank capitalists, etc. Therefore, often scientists are beholden to come to conclusions that are favorable to the industries funding their research (this is true in medicine and coronavirus research as well).

    Therefore, it does not matter if one is working for a college research project, or is considered a professional lecturer, since academic research is equally funded in the same cahoots here as well. So how often can bystanders even trust the people doing the research–that is us non-scientists who want to know what is really worth being troubled or perplexed?

    Many of us like to think that science is a rather straight forward exercise that deals with logic and sound reasoning. But maybe some science is a lot messier, and complicated, than meets the eye? Maybe it is not so cut and dry, so that an average citizen given a fair argument can comprehend.

    Yet in the cases of medicine and energy and climate, science seems to be a lot more complicated that what the average person has time to sift through (yet so many people want to have a definite opinion anyway and do form some attitude).

    Climate change is a multi-disciplinarian subject. It involves several disciplines, such as ecology, biology, chemistry, physics, meteorology, oceanography, forestry, geography, geology (yes there are under-the-ocean volcanoes that effect temperatures), and science research modeling, computer or software science, economics, etc. This is a lot of extensive knowledge bases. Few people have the background knowledge to even begin to assume some expertise in this area of research.

    And yet the majority of people you meet seem to act as if they know with the utmost certainty that man-made global warming is a reality or not–with few modest agnostics saying: “I do not really know for sure”.

    So many people are engaged in knife-drawn warlike attitudes that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt the truth to this science–and yet most of these people, who think they know reality, do not even have one four-year college degree in one of these subject areas mentioned above (and neither do the talk-jocks they listen to on the radio or TV). News people have degrees in communications, English or some related abstraction called journalism (more and more covert strategies of deceit science).

    So, the majority of us mere humans, come from a place of naivete (and often far more naivete than we give ourselves credit). For example, whenever someone designs an experiment on a spreadsheet, with say, a dozen, to dozens, of hypothetical variables–this does not mean such an experiment has to reflect natural reality or true ecological systems in any sense. It is easy to tweak a multiplicity of variables to get a multitude of outcomes. Computer models are not the same thing as reality or nature–they are merely man’s state of awareness of possibilities—which is far from some Godlike all-knowing omniscience (a science word).



    Complexity is the name of the game in medicine in general, as in virology, pharmaceutical science, medical research, etc. There are no instant experts except in the huge universe of propaganda and money machines.

    People are not taught how to think but rather what to think. The politically correct are truly a fricken disease of pandemic proportions.

    And we have hardly touched on corrupt motives yet, other than to mention the industries that are affected by such research often fund the research. Is there no conflict as to why funding is financed in the first place?

    There are many people paid to lie as their main source of income, just as there are many people paid to spy on people who are not truly terrorists. Debates on climate science and vaccines are not just for economical or financial reasons–there are over-riding political reasons as well.

    But even though these mega-debates are distorted and polluted from the get-go, the truth of outcomes are very important to society as leading to policy decisions.

    We cannot just throw up our hands in despair and not bother to care.

    The word ‘science’ comes from the etymological (origin) Latin root ‘scire’ meaning “to know”; whereas the origin of ‘conscience’ [from ‘con’ “with” + ‘scire’ “to know”] means to know within yourself.

    To know versus to know within yourself seems a kind of a dilemma. It is kind of like that northern European attitude “let me read the Bible in my native tongue so I can judge for myself what the Bible means” versus being told by the clerics who know Latin to tell me what they think it means (no matter how dogmatically distorted such interpretations may be).

    Self-reliance is a survivalist aptitude as the self will operate in self-interest.

    Conscience assumes some capacity of awareness within the self to understand what is necessary to comprehend in order to reach some tentative and practical conclusion.

    Whereas “trust the science” has the passivity of others relying too much on so-called authority figures (who are often not real experts or not sincere in truth) telling them “what to think” and what they are required to do or not do (as opposed to how better to think and then act accordingly).

    And speaking of awareness, the word ‘aware’ is related to the words ‘wary’ and ‘beware’ and for good reason–being naive and too trusting of others can get you in trouble. Spoiler alert—not everyone is in a position of power is trustworthy.

    It is too bad that more people do not bother to study the old meanings, that is the etymologies of words, and how word meanings have evolved, to get a more sophisticated understanding of how words can be used to manipulate people.

    Take the phrase “be nice”. In modern times people want to be thought of as being nice (it is often meant as a compliment). But the old meaning of ‘nice’ surprisingly, comes from Latin ‘nescius’ or [‘not’ ‘scire’ that is not knowing] as in ignorant, or as one commentator put it meek and pitiful.

    Again, we see the ghost of the word from science “to know” versus to not know. If someone violates your value system and does not rehabilitate, and yet implores you to be nice, as to extend unworthy trust, you may be being played.

    Of course, this would not be true in the realm of politics? Regardless of what you think about Joe Biden, his common tropes are for more gun control and more vaccines. If you want to believe he is some mere doting old clown well do so. But there may be more nefarious motives behind his wide, white smile.

    And if distrust and psychological warfare were not bad enough, these complicated debates on viruses and carbon fuels take place in a society of poor readers.

    Note: Heads up to Charlotte Iserbyt who just passed away. This patriot champion wrote about the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America in the so-called tax-burdened education systems. What do we get for billions of tax dollars? It seems a fact that Americans seem some of the most mis-informed people on the planet. Maybe that is why we cheer the Canadian truckers to rebel in our place–because we are too beaten down with low self-esteem and corrupted stupidity?

    Meanwhile we currently argue against critical race theory and communism taught in schools (as we most definitely should) as we forget that our society was sold a bill of goods with new mandates to teach Whole Word reading (as opposed to Phonics sounds reading) which screwed up left brain versus right brain processing.

    And equally few students or adults bother to look up words they do not know in a good dictionary !! HOW MEDIOCRE IS THAT? And they can’t understand reading alienation and poor test scores!?

    Our reading habits, if we are habituated to read, are often poor, too often are based on faulty notions of what it means to read well (that is to think well). This too lends even more trouble for a society trying to understand complicated science debates. And this is assuming that people engaged in debate are doing so for sincere reasons–trying to get to the real truth—putting prejudices aside.

    But by now many people know, or at least suspect, plenty of arguments made today about COVID-19 or climate science are a war zone of lies. Some of the motives operating are steeped in misinformation (bad info) or disinformation (deliberate deceit). This reality has finally become apparent to a lot of everyday people. The deceit is so blatant and obvious that you can’t help but become aware.

    Still even to this day, too few people truly appreciate the extent and the professionalism of the art of deceit over the ages. It goes way back in history which is why one ancient meaning of the word ‘Satan’ meant “he who deceives”, “he who tricks”. Satan is the adversary or one who plots against the enemy. This is why war propaganda and political propaganda (and propaganda within religious literature) are so heavily laden with deceit–it is human nature–not only in the human condition–but in mankind’s religious stories (at least relating to the three Abrahamic religions).

    Nevertheless, Christians, for example, like to refer to “demonic evil” as something mostly to do with perverse or licentious sexual matters and bloodletting–stuff more repulsive—spirit cooking. Still the most common form of demonic enterprise, philosophically, is deceit–by far—and of course the consequences of deceit.

    And one reason this is true is because it works.

    The angel of chaos was, and is, the angel of confusion. The Greek root ‘angelos’ means messenger. Anyone operating in a messenger fashion is therefore an angel of some sorts–and you know darn well not all of today’s messengers are innocent saints.

    Cursed as we are to this swamp of information overload, many of us are exhausted and flabbergasted at trying to argue with people who do not think like we think and reach similar conclusions.

    We are frustrated at what we perceive as to how stupid and closed minded are ‘other’ people. And that precisely is what the meaning of the word ‘ignorance’ means–when people ‘ignore’ that which they ought not ignore–but do it anyway because for whatever reason it is in their nature (and how they have been programmed).

    You see, someone can be metaphorically “possessed” as in demonically possessed. They can be harboring ideas that are not true but are believed to be true. And they can be engaged in enterprises that are actually working against their own best interests and yet they don’t realize so because they are possessed by fake news. And yet they seem impervious to the ritual of philosophical exorcism (truth serums).

    Please understand we are talking in metaphors here–not actual other-worldly or supernatural spirits or spirit cooking. There are real sociological truths behind some religious belief systems. This one about fake news operating as brainwash or being possessed by falsity is a legitimate truth.

    And the sad truth is that there are many, many normally intelligent people, with college degrees for example, who are blinded by false information. It is breathtaking how many people have been led by false prophets: just as it is refreshing to see how many millions of people are finally waking up. Truck On Canada!! Make Trudeau’s day—he might still see the light.

    Anyway, some political philosophers, the cynical, have concluded it is easier to lie to people than it is to explain the complicated truth. Sadly, to some extent, at least, this is true–too true for many as we have come to learn.

    When you are wanting someone to connect the dots on a news story–the news consumer may assume you are talking about, at most, 50 dots (or 50 puzzle pieces). So, when news consumers are fed a few memes of ideas, and often enough not even fully true, they think they grasp the reality of the situation. Many do not bother to search out the opposing arguments–if they could find them.

    Many news consumers seldom stop to consider if maybe the real puzzle quandary requires connecting 500 dots (or 1000 puzzle pieces) that is to say there were a lot of clues and memes left unspoken. And since they are naive on the subject matter to begin with, they seldom stop to think some of the memes they have received are distorted. Thus, they walk around thinking they are in touch with reality when they have been misled by propaganda.

    Nevertheless, as this virus pandemic has played out, there is less doubt, to many people, that virology and immunology and medical subjects are far more complex and intricate than what one had initially presumed or hoped.

    Yet more and more concepts kept coming up, not to mention a lot more research was funded than the average Joe Doe ever suspected. Your average medical book from a medical library is not something just any football fan or patriot can sit down and read with instant clarity.

    There was a reason why professionals were deferred to as experts. We assumed they earned their degrees with diligence and intellectual dedication–and we never imagined how much corruption had seeped into the medical disciplines and even medical research publishing.

    Still there has always been a certain amount of authoritarian nature and personality to the status of being a doctor, even as students in law school and medical school were seldom given enough time to read and truly digest that which they were required to read. So many were pushed to second guess and just trust those who presume to speak with authority.

    Because of burdensome reading demands the speed-reading mindset illusion still plays its detrimental psychology. NOTE: SPEED READING IS BAD SCIENCE. It takes time to learn well–and what better way to expend one’s time for those who love to learn?

    Modern medicine today is so much about money and prescribing medications. The pharmacy industry finances so much of publishing, medical conferences, advertising, etc., etc.

    Furthermore, it seems as if few professions today have not been corrupted–even lawyers and judges of the various judiciaries–especially if political appointees. Even too many Clerics and Bishops have been silenced or intellectually corrupted (or at least politicized with less than honest intellectual awareness–possessing misinformation and advocating accordingly).

    The science of deceit has come to define our modern age. It has been honed into professional skills.

    And yet it has affected this world’s media for a very long time. But before the internet there was not so much competition.

    Back in 1883 a New York Times chief editorial writer, at his retirement speech to the New York News Guild, said he was paid to lie: [double click on link]”

    Yes, this is how prolific lies have smothered our culture and heritage. George Washington never told a lie either—you kind of wonder.

    Even with today’s wake up call most people have little idea how much the western world was lied to about WW1 and WW2. They still assume everything they have been conditioned to believe is absolute gospel (God’s spell). And they are too much intellectual cowards to dare to investigate the so-called historical revisionists (via their own ‘consciences’). We will leave this taboo topic there.

    Real deceit and real conspiracy are real. Real world events were not nice.

    Nevertheless, if you were to invite people to read the likes of Robert Kennedy Jr’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci” you will be met with disdain and rejection by a lot of your average citizens. Even more so if you invite relatively brainwashed people to try to intellectually absorb the likes of this recent legal proceeding people will be incredulously aghast: [double click on]:

    WATCH: International Criminal Grand Jury Seeks To Prosecute ‘Psychopathic’ Globalists Who Used COVID ‘Plandemic’ To Commit ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

    Many people, including friends and family, cannot wrap their heads around the capacity of human to engage in this much deliberate conspiracy—even if the means is made available. They want and love their provincial, parochial assumptions. Life has become too complex.

    It is true most can understand that tribes, city states, and nations have engaged in war against other tribes, city states, and nations for eons, but still, they cannot fathom that the elites of various nations globally could find common cause to war against their own peoples–that is that powerful globalists within various countries would band together to war against various nationalists in their respective states to create a New World Order.

    In fact, many are still trusting dominant political parties of their respective countries. In the case of the United States, they are still putting their faith in the corrupted Democrats and Republicans? Go figure.

    But some people are catching on. One recent book, “States of Emergency” by Kees Van Der Pijl seems worthy, discussed by Paul Craig Roberts. [double click]:

    Here is a video podcast discussion with the author on this book:

    His stuff goes into heavy conspiracy. To many people it seems beyond wacky. They just cannot imagine that some leaders are either that corrupt or treacherous. Well look at the U.S. Government’s expenditures over the decades–you mean you cannot imagine that kind of money corrupting people big time over time–all that excess bureaucracy and deep state–all that lobbyist bribery? And they still see America as a City on a Hill?

    And yet this is exactly what seems to have been happening–war against the common man. And this is why this Canadian Trucker revolt is so important, and why people should be very concerned that some dark episodes are likely to follow.

    The power elite don’t play around. They have studied dictators from time immemorial–they know the nasty games that truly intimidate and hurt people. I agree with Paul Craig Roberts when he writes in his article: The Elites Gather Their Forces for a Counterattack … [double click]

    If the elites prevail, they do indeed take a giant leap forward. This is serious poker. The whole world has stakes in what happens in Canada.

    And This is not just a case of Science versus Conscience but also a case of Pathology Versus Economics.

    In one recent video by the truckers’ coalition there also appeared two doctors with them, one of them is a world renown pathologist, namely Dr. Roger Hodkinson.


    Here is a well-spoken professional pathologist smack dab in this historical event. We need to capitalize on the significance of this. When you have time watch this excellent video interview with Dr. Hodkinson some months ago–patriot yes, here [double clink on]

    In the other corner you have an economic banker who is heavily involved in the World Economic Forum and United Nations’ Build Back Better / green movement AGENDA 2030. Yes Mr. Mark Carney, who we met early on in this article, is behind Justin Trudeau. Trudeau’s own brother, Alexandre, claims Justin is taking orders from others! Yes, his own brother.

    Here Mr. Mark Carney is having an interview with Lynn Forester de Rothchild and a Bernard Looney, representee of the Vatican banking system. They too are on board for global resets and climate change propaganda–even the elites can’t escape the limitations of the human mind’s vulnerability to error and illusion.

    You get the impression some of these people actually believe all the man-made global warming hype–such as carbon dioxide is a bad molecule when it is the very equivalent of oxygen but for plant life respiration. Like we need oxygen to live plants need carbon dioxide to breathe.

    This is not to disparage the many ecological emergencies that are real.

    Neither is this to automatically discredit those who believe there are too many people, who are placing too much demand on the ecological and economic resources of the planet–that is within contemporary realities. Many things are coming to a head.

    Still how ironic that Mr. Mark Carney is involved in both this COVID-19 crisis and equally the Global Warming agenda (and magically has time to bad mouth Canadian and Americans who are supporting the patriotic truckers around the world)?

    Matthew Ehret. Canadian Patriot explains a lot in his article [double click]

    This national Trucker Keep-On-Trucking opera is a BIG CARD GAME. And we have Dr. Roger Hodkinson and another Doctor (could not make out his name in the video above). But these doctors, like many censored doctors are on the side of truth. They are putting their professional reputations on the line, and we need to acknowledge this for what it is.


    Naysayers can discard truckers as blue collar intellectual mediocres who don’t know anything about medicine–even as we know the average worker is smarter than given credit.


    Start a “DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS STAND WITH TRUCKERS” movement!! Let’s get 100,000 medical professionals to do selfies expressing solidarity.

    The last thing Canada and the world needs is to have these two doctors stand alone in this fight. These people are on humanity’s side–unlike politicians like Nancy Pelosi and her umpteen million dollars. And to believe her ilk calls themselves Democrats.

    As this trucker movement spontaneously grows so should ALL aligned forces and professions. We cannot wait for another chance–this is our chance people–we need to get this one. Where’s Vincent Lombardi when you need him?



    The End, Amen, Peace Out.

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