February 21, 2024

In this 30+ minute video, Ivor Cummings, a top health professional whose main advocacy is to make health science understandble for lay people, explains to us why the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic is over for many countries and why the talk of a “second wave” is false.

By looking at the data from various sources, and comparing it with the decades of coronavirus knowledge our scientists have built through research, Cummings shows us that the new coronavirus is not at all different from the flu. He says that the astronomically high estimates released by the Imperial College London have snowballed into a worldwide panic. Irresponsible reporting, combined with decision-making that is not based on sound science, has led to the massive societal consequences we are experiencing today.

Editor’s Note: This video discussion produced by Ivor Cummings is a sobering realization of how much damage we have made in our societies because we acted based on fear. We have sabotaged our future by locking down our societies despite having no evidence for its efficacy. The worst part is that we continue to self-destruct by refusing to recalibrate our COVID responses even though science is already showing us the way out.

For us who still have jobs, who do not need to worry about abuses within our families, whose families are relatively healthy, lockdowns were simply an inconvenience. But to others, whose livelihood was lost, whose children are sexually abused or are depressed, whose family members died because they were unable to access the right medical treatment, this in an injustice. It is a meaningless sacrifice, and yes, we should be angry that the same people we have elected to safeguard our individual and collective rights have violated trust in our time of need. 

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