May 30, 2024

Facebook cracks down on groups giving health advise


In a statement released September 17, 2020, Facebook said that it will restrict the spread of groups that give health advise, as well a those that spread violence. “It’s crucial that people get their health information from authoritative sources”, the statement says.

Starting September 17, health groups will no longer show up in the platform’s recommendations.

Editor’s Note: While we agree that people need to get health information from credible sources, we question the credibility of Facebook in fact checking such information. Does Facebook employ doctors to sort through the multitude of private groups on health? What criteria these “fact checkers” are using to assess whether a group is “legitimate” and “illegitimate”?

This must be answered as it is a known fact that alternative theories about COVID-19 has been censored by the platform, even when those which have been supported by experts.

The World Health Organization, Big Tech’s chosen “authoritative source” on everything related to COVID-19 is not the expert as they want us to believe. They have made decisions based on fraudulent studies that have negatively affected billions [see Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy]. They have allowed countries to go overboard on lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions despite the evidence showing that the disease is not as deadly as other infectious diseases [also see Science has spoken: End the lockdown]. Lastly, they have promoted vaccines which has caused long-term harm on its recipients [see AstraZeneca pauses clinical trials due to safety issue, A touted COVID-19 vaccine has already harmed people, UN admits polio outbreak in Sudan caused by Gates’ funded oral vaccine].

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2 thoughts on “Facebook cracks down on groups giving health advise

  1. Thank you for publishing this. The blatant censorship by Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms has been of great concern to me, as well. A social media post I wrote on this was published in Sonoma Peace Press (; p.9; titled How Censorship Poisons Healthy Inquiry and Democratic Processes) a few months ago and have continued documenting this ever since.
    I just came across your website and wanted to subscribe to your newsletter. However, when I confirm the subscription, I get an error message (I tried with two different email addresses). This is what it says:
    “We’re sorry, you are not allowed to proceed Your request looks suspiciously similar to automated requests from spam posting software or it has been denied by a security policy configured by the website administrator. If you believe you should be able to perform this request, please let us know. RID: SMLWHUWPRVJXDEFLSAHB231F”

    I don’t know if this is a real technical error or another censorship strategy.

    Also, what’s the best way to contact you with suggestions for articles or resources? I have compiled a wealth of information on censorship, disinformation, integrative health, terrain theory, etc. , and I’d be happy to share.

    With deep gratitude,

    1. Hello Barbara,
      Thank you for raising our attention to the error you are receiving. The truth is, the website has been a subject of attacks this past 2 weeks due to a campaign we have launched recently. We had to install a spam blocker or else our website will be overloaded. We also had to change our newsletter service as the last one could not be received by our subscribers. If you wish to submit articles for this website, you may email our admin at seyruh[at]

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