October 4, 2023

Untangling the web of lies surrounding India’s latest COVID surge


In this May 5, 2021 article from The Daily Expose, we discover how mainstream media has once again, intentionally misinformed the public about the true situation in India.

First, we discover that the overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums only involve two areas in India – Delhi, and Mumbai. The article reveals that outside of these two areas, Indians are living life normally.

Second, we learn that at least the Guardian has not sent journalists to cover the events in India. Instead, they are relying on unnamed news sources.

Third, the Daily Expose author says that the ulterior motive for drumming up the fear programming through India’s new surge in cases is meant to sell the vaccines. The author goes on to trace the connections between India’s Serum Institute, The Guardian, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The same organizations funded the vaccine development of AstraZeneca, known in India under the name Covishield.

Fourth, the author reiterates that the surge in India could be due to two things: a) the vaccines themselves, and b) the effect of an entire year’s neglect in treating tuberculosis. The author explains that India was doing well since it started treating its citizens with Ivermectin. But that all changed when India began vaccine rollouts in January 2021. COVID cases in the country started increasing one month after the vaccine rollouts, in February 2021. The author also explains that there is a much bigger possibility that the cases being categorized now as COVID-19 are actually miscategorized tuberculosis.


Fifth, the author asserts that even if the cases were increasing, most people who contract the disease actually recover. The high statistics being touted in the media completely neglect to provide context. India’s population is 1.4 billion people. The more than 400,000 cases recorded last April 30, 2021 (which was the basis of many fear-based reporting around the world), represent only 0.028% of the country’s population. Compared to the UK, India’s COVID deaths is still much lower, as evidenced by this graph:

Editor’s Note: It is difficult to make this article, primarily because we realize that the suffering in India is grave. The fear and panic in India are real. What is not real is how it is being portrayed around the world.

What we see in India is an opportunity for media outlets to revive the already faltering fear-based COVID narrative, what CNN’s Charlie Chester called as the “gang banger for ratings” [see CNN technical director admits network used fear in COVID coverage to drive ratings up].

This is how India’s situation is being portrayed in international news.

Mainstream media isn’t just involved in fearmongering, they have also been caught peddling false news. In the past few days of India’s “COVID surge”, mainstream news outlets have been caught using old photos and videos to remind their audiences that “COVID is deadly”. If we will remember, more than a year ago, photos and videos of people suddenly dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan were how they introduced the “novel coronavirus”.

Twitter users are re-sharing photos of this woman from three years ago.

Now we must go back to the scale of the epidemic in India. First, Delhi and Mumbai are two of the most populous cities in the world. Their combined population is at almost 52 million[1]https://worldpopulationreview.com/world-cities/mumbai-population and https://worldpopulationreview.com/world-cities/delhi-population, which is almost half of the Philippines’ entire population! On April 15, 2021, the Times of India reported that the number of COVID beds in Mumbai doubled, totaling 20,044 while normal beds increased to 17,358. If we consider that Mumbai’s population is almost 21 million, combined beds can only accommodate 0.18%. Even during normal days, Mumbai has a problem with its healthcare – there simply aren’t enough beds and health care workers to deal with the population’s needs. Delhi, which is even more populous compared to Mumbai, fares worse.

This was the reason why India decided early on to implement early treatment protocols for COVID [see How did India flatten its COVID curve?]. And if there is a country that can show us Ivermectin’s success, it is India. In the graph below, which shows the daily new cases in India, we can see that cases in the country started going down in September 2020, roughly two weeks since the public health authorities decided to implement the at-home treatment protocols for its citizens. The drop continued for months until March 2021. The COVID numbers were so low in India that experts were stumped.[2]India’s 90 Percent Drop in COVID-19 Cases Stumps Experts What changed?

It wasn’t the mass gatherings as alleged by mainstream media. India has largely been normal since November 2020, as people were allowed back to work and the national lockdown was lifted. However, we know that vaccinations began in mid-January, and a few weeks after, the surge began. This is a phenomenon around the world, where vaccinations are followed by an increase in COVID cases [see New COVID surge in 4 out of 5 vaccinated countries in the world and Countries report increased cases after using Sinovac vaccine].

Mainstream media wants us to think that a new, possibly more lethal strain has developed in India, but we’ve already heard their baseless claims before. They used the same strategy they used to drum up fear for the UK variant, proclaiming it to be more deadly than the original strain, even before real studies could be conducted.[3]https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55768627 Even Dr. Anthony Fauci lent credence to this fear programming, using only his credentials as “proof” for his claim.[4]https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/now-dr-fauci-says-new-uk-covid-19-variant-is-more-deadly/ar-BB1d4NdP We now know these were all over exaggerations [see New study shows that UK variant has increased transmissibility, but not greater severity].

Now the Indian variant is given the same treatment. Mainstream media has proclaimed it to be “more contagious and deadly”[5]https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9503069/How-deadly-Indias-Covid-variant-REALLY-explosion-cases.html weeks before they had any proof. Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified it as a “variant of global concern” months after it was first discovered.[6]https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-57067190.amp One would think that if the WHO changes a variant from one of “interest” to a “global concern”, they would offer at least evidence to back up their pronouncements. But WHO hopes people will just accept their opinion without question. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has used the emergence of this “variant of global concern” to accelerate vaccination and as a rationale for failing to follow the phased lifting of lockdowns as planned.[7] … Continue reading Nevermind that the variant has been spreading undetected in 44 countries for months.[8]https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/highlight/2021/05/12/indian-covid-19-variant-discovered-in-44-countries-says-who/ Nevermind that experts are saying that most variants are nothing to worry about [see New York Times: The coronavirus is mutating, and that’s fine, Dr. Mike Yeadon: There is zero chance of new variants escaping immunity, New variant of SARS-COV-2 does not make patients sicker].

The Indian variant has shown us very clearly what this scamdemic is all about. It is about control through fear programming, outright manipulation, and the peddling of false news. The potential of “variants” for controlling populations is immense – it will never stop until we make it stop [If you are still concerned about variants, then focus on your immune system. Read these two articles to discover the capacity of the immune system to protect you from future variants, New study: T-cells induced by COVID infection can respond to new SARS-CoV-2 variants and Our immune system evolves to fight coronavirus variants].

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