May 31, 2023

This is how COVID-19 death rates in the US are manipulated


In this 16-minute speech, Dr. Annie Bukacek details how the instructions of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for filling out death certificates are leading to the overestimation of COVID-19 deaths.

COVID-19 deaths aren’t just for confirmed cases, Dr. Bukacek states. If there is reason to assume that a patient has COVID-19 and the patient dies without confirmatory test, that death is recorded as a COVID-19. Moreover, if the patient dies due to another condition but the patient is either a confirmed or a presumed COVID-19, the cause of death is still COVID-19.

Editor’s Note: Very few people actually realize that there are two ways of recording fatality rates due to COVID-19 [see The Tale of Two Fatality Rates] and that the difference makes a whole lot of difference. Already, reporting of deaths in mainstream media without explaining the difference between the two fatality rates is fueling panic among citizens. The way COVID-19 deaths are recorded in the US leads to even greater fear and confusion among individuals.

This way of recording does not at all take into consideration the various truths we have already discovered about the new coronavirus. It does not differentiate between patients who were healthy previously and died mainly due to the infection, and between those who had underlying illnesses [This is important to know because, in both China and Italy, the majority of their COVID-19 deaths had other illnesses. See 99% Of COVID-19 Deaths in Italy Had Other Illnesses].

This method of recording does not help us understand more about the COVID-19, nor does it help us gather information for future researches. What then does this overestimation of COVID-19 deaths serve?

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