May 30, 2024

This article is Part 2 of the Truth To Action Series.

I had already completed a number of articles that would have constituted Part 2, 3, and 4 of the series on “Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System” [See Part 1].

However, an unexpected and very important development occurred. It is connected with the social construction of science – how true science is censored in order to foster an illusory reality upon the unsuspecting public based on the censorship of more accurate science.

I now have to address this emergent issue with this article that now constitutes Part 2 of the series. Part 1 showed how one leverages an exaggerated science to shape global public health policies. Part 2 explains how censorship has become the tool of choice for undemocratic powers to maintain their dominance.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Censorship

Two days ago, a friend forwarded to me a link to a YouTube video. I tried to access it immediately. When I visited the site, I saw the doublespeak of YouTube: “Video unavailable”, a euphemism for “banned”. YouTube already censored and took it down.

More people are awakening to the reality of online censorship

Some may still not be aware of the pandemic of censorship that has become our nightmarish “new normal”.

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, has come out publicly to state that they will ban all videos that are questioning the “recommendations” of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to Business Insider:

“Wojcicki says the platform will ban content peddling fake or unproven coronavirus remedies. In an interview with CNN, she also suggested that [a] video that ‘goes against’ WHO guidance on the pandemic will be blocked …”

“For example, she said, content that claimed vitamin C or turmeric would cure people of COVID-19 would be ‘a violation of our policy’ and removed accordingly. She continued: ‘Anything that goes against WHO recommendations would be a violation of our policy …'”[1]

Two of the victims of the massive banning by YouTube are Dr. Dan Erikson and Dr. Artin Massihi, two emergency room doctors in California. These two are frontliners in the fight to prevent people from succumbing to COVID-19. Their straightforward comments about the over-reaction of policy and decision makers to the disease and the manipulated COVID-19 death numbers garnered 5 million views in YouTube. Then the tech giant, one of the self-appointed guardian of “truth”, banned them.

Let us take a look at this incident from the perspective of Dr. Joe Mercola, a meticulous fact-checker and evidence-based medical doctor. These qualities were not convincing enough for YouTube and Facebook. The tech giants banned him for scientific articles that went against the interests of big pharmaceutical companies (More on this in another article).

When the ban happened, Dr. Mercola had over 10 million visitors to his site. He lost a lot of traffic because of the ban. But Dr. Mercola has courageously continued with his mission. Dr. Mercola graphically describes the situation with the two doctors above.

“In the video, Erickson pointed out that there’s:

‘… a 0.03 chance of dying from COVID in the state of California. Does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? Does that necessitate people being out of work?’

“Erickson also criticized the fact that mortality statistics are being skewed by counting people who die from other conditions as COVID-19 deaths.”

‘When someone dies in this country right now, they’re not talking about the high blood pressure, the diabetes, the stroke. They’re saying ‘Did they die from COVID?’ Erickson said in the video.”

‘We’ve been to hundreds of autopsies. You don’t talk about one thing[;] you talk about co- morbidities. ER doctors now [say] ‘It’s interesting when I’m writing about my death report, I’m being pressured to add COVID. Why is that?’

“By banning anything that contradicts the World Health Organization’s recommendations, Wojcicki asserts that the WHO is infallible, which it clearly is not. There’s no shortage of examples proving WHO has been wrong on many occasions, and should not be relied upon as the premier, let alone sole, source of information and medical instruction.”

“The WHO is beyond conflicted, and because of its existing funding fails to complete its initial mandate to promote the attainment of ‘the highest possible level of health’ by all peoples.”[2]Ibid. (The corruption within the WHO will be the subject of another article.)

Going back to the original story. I informed my friend about the ban and she was upset. But that did not stop her from trying to find another site that had another link to the video in YouTube. After some time, she found another site that had a different link to the same video. She sent it to me. This time it worked fine and I could access the video.

Knowing the importance of the video, I immediately sent SMS messages to around 90 friends, encouraging them to watch it. In so doing, I also mentioned to them that this video was going to be banned soon.

True enough, a few hours after I sent the messages, over 10% of my friends texted back and told me that they can no longer access the video. YouTube already banned the video in the new site. However, they were relieved when I told them that the video can still be accessed at

I will not deprive you from experiencing the impact of the video itself. I will not go into the details of the substance of the video. You can either view it at or you look at the transcript we are uploading together with this article [See downloads section at the end of this article].

In an interesting aside, the link of the video in the “plandemic” website itself was also banned by both YouTube and Vimeo.  I tried to access it several times yesterday. The same censorship sign and message would show up: “Video unavailable.”

I tried to inform the producers of the video about this but their website was non-functional. I could not send them a message. And when I subscribed to their updates, an automatic response said that I will be receiving a confirmation email soon.

It is now two days and I have not received any such confirmation message by email, which confirmation should have just taken a few seconds, like all other websites that offer this kind of service. I suspect that they had been hacked (no proof though). [Update, September 9, 2021: The plandemic website is now active here:].

But “plandemic” learned their lesson fast and placed their video in another platform. So, it is now there, accessible to all those who want to see it. I still have to take a closer look at this new platform to see if it will not behave like the current cyber-censors: YouTube and Vimeo.

I will not go into the technicalities of how YouTube artificial intelligence can do a precision ban amidst the tens of millions of videos uploaded on a daily basis. What is more important to note at this point is the speed with which the banning is taking place.

Mixed Response: Overwhelmingly Positive but with a Caveat

The response was tremendous and overwhelmingly positive. I have been answering the responses until today.  However, there were at least two responses that were negative. They came from two accomplished friends, whom I respect. Their responses gave me a sense of the kind of disinformation that is out there.

My two friends totally ignored the powerful eye-opening messages of medical doctors in the front line of the battle to snatch death from the hands of COVID-19. Among those medical doctors who had no political agenda but only to honor the truth, were Dr. Erikson and Dr. Massihi whom YouTube banned despite their 5 million page views.

Instead my respected friends focused on repeating accusations, made by others, that Dr. Judy Mikovits, the main scientist being interviewed, is a fanatic anti-vaxxer and not credible. I rebutted their opinion with facts that most people would not know unless they spent hours, nay, days, going deep into this matter. (More on this on another article.)

Censorship Beyond COVID-19

Here is an example of a post censored by Facebook, a comparison of COVID-19 deaths vis-a-vis other illnesses.

Facebook is also into censorship. One exasperated friend sent me a text message:

“Where is this all headed, …? Freedom is being stripped from us, left and right. Even I have been banned by FB and YouTube from doing my live guided meditations for 30 days.”

I asked her what she had done to deserve the ire of the censors.

She responded: “I quoted: ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’ ”

This is a very revealing response. The censorship game has moved far beyond the domain of maintaining the elite suppression of unacceptable alternative truths regarding the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. It has entered the realm of broader censorship and thought control, defining truth to be that which is convenient to the existing power structure.

Resistance to Censorship: The Battle of Wits between AI and Humans Has Began

Now if you are starting to get upset and outraged with all of these developments, then do not let anger just simmer uselessly. Use the energy as an impetus for action to defend our freedoms and our rights. 

Before we get down to the details of what we can do, please let me share the good news that this ridiculous plague of censorship has triggered quite an unusual response. We should know about a very inspiring development that has arisen as a result of this pandemic of illicit banning.

The good news is this. A significant number of normally passive and docile consumers of videos and social media, has awakened to the undemocratic nature of these censorships. And they are upset about the take-down of information that could help them form their own independent opinion regarding COVID-10.

So, they have started a cat-and-mouse game that is playing out in the very platforms of the tech giants. As soon as they learn that this particular video has been taken down, they immediately upload the banned video in another link.

The source of the video,, is also aware of this phenomenon. In the new landing site of their website, they placed this message: “Our videos are being taken down every minute. We appreciate your support.”

This development is so inspiring that it can be nothing short of revolutionary if it continues way into the future.

First, individuals who have been trained to be addicted to social media platforms[3]For extensive details on the addiction strategies of social media, look for the many relevant articles at the website of the Center for Humane Technology, based in San Francisco, California. … Continue reading are breaking their chains of addiction. They are seeing the light and they are taking action.

Second, and equally significant, YouTube uses artificial intelligence to aid in its banning of videos. This accounts for the speed of the banning. Their AI can literally find a needle in a haystack.

But this power assumes that humans will take this affront to their liberties and freedoms sitting down. But an increasing number of humans are deciding not to be passive victims. They are keeping alive the flame of truth at a speed that surpasses YouTube’s AI, at least for now.

Finally, this kind of activism, the equivalent of “symbolic pollution” is an act of cultural resistance.[4]The act of challenging a prevailing dominant narrative is a form of “symbolic pollution”. It pollutes the hegemony of a prevailing dogma that is not scientifically accurate. Once polluted or … Continue reading If humans maintain it, then they will deserve the right to have their freedoms intact. Humans can only maintain this promising response if, inside them, human beings have re-awakened more fully to their rights and freedoms.

An outer cultural revolution can only happen when an inner cultural revolution has occurred inside the sanctum of human interiority. We can restore freedom outside only to the extent we have conquered fear and released freedom in the inside.

Potential Action Points

Let us keep this momentum of awakening going so that it will not fizzle out. There are four things we can do, and we do not necessarily have to do them in the sequence that appears here.

First, we can all do our part to ensure that the appropriate COVID-19 videos are not banned. We can follow the example of those creative and active individuals who are uploading banned videos as fast as they are being taken down.

We may not necessarily agree with all the views presented in the hundreds of COVID-19 videos, but we need to defend their rights to air their views. That is the essence of ethical and decent democratic discourse.

Second, using all sources available, we need to step up our own self-education on the COVID-19 issue. This will make us immune to fake news or disinformation on this issue that has forced, in a kind of de facto house arrest, over 3 billion people around the planet.

And central to this process, we should never surrender our own independent critical thinking to any form of authority. Science itself, the current authority of the 21st century, has been corrupted for many decades now, as the current censorship is showing, and as we will show in upcoming articles.

We have to discern on the basis of facts and substance, on the inner logic of presentations, not on the basis of ad hominem arguments and fear mongering. 

If we do not take control of our independent thinking processes, then our spirit will be enslaved by ideas that are not based and grounded on data and evidence-based substantiation. Once any authority captures our mind, then our behavior will dutifully follow the promptings of our thought masters.

This independence and primacy of discerning thinking needs to be the “new normal” in this era of massive disinformation and fake news as well as attempts at controlling the thinking of humanity.

Once we wake up to our discerned truth, we can begin thinking of tactical collective action. This is a third step. We can begin to circulate petitions. We can have written and organized petition drives. Petitions can have a powerful impact as we have seen from our own experience.

An even stronger action, which would be the fourth step, would be to design, organize and execute systemic boycotts of all those corporations that are suppressing peoples‘ freedoms of speech, assembly, medical choices and so on. This will neutralize the global truth-wrecking machine.

Part of this boycott process would be to identify, among others,  alternative video sharing, video conferencing, social media sites that do not attempt to control or manipulate users. These alternative platforms should also have a healthy and solid respect for truth and appropriate freedom of speech as well as be deeply respectful of other people’s rights to privacy.

Here is a review for YouTube at the Apple App Store. And yes, censorship is not their only unethical practice.

We should be converging on these ethical platforms instead of continuing to be passive and manipulated supporters of tech giants that systematically undermine our thinking processes, manipulate our behavior, steal our privacy, and love the outdated art of censorship.

Our Future Will Depend on Cultivating our Inner Condition

I am sure there are many other things we can do beyond these four suggested steps. If we truly want to, we have the inner power to resist this pandemic of censorship.

The real first step we all can REALLY do is to deal with our inner weaknesses and fears, the very same weaknesses that made us victims of the scheming of big tech and other global players that seek to control our individual destinies and the destiny of humanity itself. This inner conditioning is surely within our control.

For tyrants, the most dangerous force in the planet is an awakened individual who knows how to find and work with other awakened and semi-awakened individuals to restore sanity and health to the planet.

When this truly happens, then the censors will start shaking with fear at the great awakening they have unwittingly triggered in humanity. There will be thousands of individual initiatives that will have sprouted up to deal with this global emergency. And we can only have Big Brother and its allies to thank for putting us all into a pressure tank, forcing us all to awaken and fight for our dignity, rights, and stolen futures and promise as truly and fully human.



2 Ibid.
3 For extensive details on the addiction strategies of social media, look for the many relevant articles at the website of the Center for Humane Technology, based in San Francisco, California.
4 The act of challenging a prevailing dominant narrative is a form of “symbolic pollution”. It pollutes the hegemony of a prevailing dogma that is not scientifically accurate. Once polluted or challenged, the hold of the specific symbols of this dogma in people’s minds, then loses its grip and effectiveness. See Nicanor Perlas. Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding. 2019. Temple Lodge Press. (London: United Kingdom).

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  1. Searching for the truth about the Corona virus situation is so critically important to the well-being of all of humanity. However, so incredibly sad to say that it appears that MOST of humanity has succumbed to the ironic false narrative that is constantly calling out true science for being dis- or misinformation. What a deadly joke it has been.
    This article is hands down THE BEST and most incredibly researched article I have seen concerning this horrible beast known as The Media. I am so impressed and cannot wait to view the Plandemic film. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the suggestions and information.

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