April 15, 2024

Is it True that the Majority of Hospitals are Occupied by the Vaccine-Free with COVID-19?


The implementation of the no vax, no ride policy is to restrict the movement of the vaccine-free because of the belief that they carry and transmit the virus. Another narrative is, vaccine-free once infected with covid will eventually inundate the healthcare system.

However, based on the reports, some hospital administrators say 65–80% of hospital occupants are fully vaccinated, or most covid-19 hospitalized patients are vaccinated.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte stated in the news today, January 18, 2022: “The duty of government in a democracy is the greatest good for the greatest number. It means in a democracy, the majority prevails.”

And they have even extended their policies to air travel.

Do these people in the government, President Duterte included, think the unvaccinated individuals are mere threats to public health? That the vaccine-free ones carry the viral load with them?

We have dealt with this misconception in the FAQ published last January 17.

Maybe, the government, with the assistance of the Department of Health, should reconsider their policies, given Mandaluyong City has been reporting their covid cases and vaccination status since last year. Their record illustrates that majority of those who tested positive with COVID-19 are vaccinated.

Mandaluyong mayor is the wife of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Benjamin “Benhur” Abalos, Jr. The latter led the no vax, no ride policy, and restricting movements of the unvaccinated when in his own city, they know that what drives the covid cases are the vaccinated. Is it ethical to declare that vaccine-free citizens are hazardous to public health? They might have overlooked those who spread are those who are unrestrained.

And also, for whatever reason, Mandaluyong City public information office’s Facebook page has stopped publishing reports, as have seen in the links above, starting January 5, 2022, but their data on December until January 4 evidently demonstrated that it is still the vaccinated group that spurs the covid cases.

When Delta surge, data were already saying that vaccinated are the ones who are more capable of transmitting the virus.

Again, the governments are restricting the movements of the unvaccinated because if they get infected, they might overwhelm the health care system. Senator Bong Go looked so tenacious with his statement: “Karamihan sa pinakagrabeng tinamaan at namamatay dahil sa COVID-19 ay hindi bakunado, ayon sa datos ng DOH (Majority of those severely hit and died because of COVID-19 were unvaccinated, according to the DOH data).”

Show us the data, then.

Let’s look at what is currently happening in the Philippines and the world.

Now, who overwhelms the hospitals? How can they give good service if they are short in manpower since some healthcare workers tested positive with COVID-19? We all know that front liners are priorities in the inoculation campaign.

How about the non-covid patients who also need immediate health care?

Even United Nations has called for 100% inoculation to flatten the curve in the international community. UN Chief Antonio Guterres said: “If we fail to vaccinate every person, we give rise to new variants that spread across borders and bring daily life and economies to a grinding halt.”

Contrary to this, highly vaccinated countries have not exited the pandemic, and their covid cases and mortality are snowballing.

Look at Gibraltar’s 122% vaccination rate,119% fully vaccinated, have they flattened the curve? No, and their covid cases are nowhere to plateau.

So, if we continue with the blame game, pointing fingers to the unvaccinated for spreading the virus and vaccine-free covid patients can overwhelm the healthcare system; this is totally a fallacy.

This makes all the restrictions unscientific, abusive, and unconstitutional.

4 thoughts on “Is it True that the Majority of Hospitals are Occupied by the Vaccine-Free with COVID-19?

  1. Dear Admin,

    A Swiss study has been released online, stating that the Infectious Viral Titre (IVT) of symptomatic vaccinated individuals are lower than that of unvaccinated ones. This is a pre-print article. I am posting the link below.


    I am sure they will use this finding to justify the restrictions they impose on the unvaccinated.

    Please help on shedding light on the proper interpretation of their data, especially that they reported the data in logarithmic scale. Should there be a statistical test done to determine if the difference was “significant”? I am not an expert in this field and I’d like to know if the methodology they performed is appropriate (i.e., growing a cell culture to measure IVT).

    I hope you can respond to my inquiry. Some folks are quick to use the study’s conclusion, “vaccinated individuals have lower IVTs than the unvaccinated” to further justify the vaccine mandates.

    Thank you very much.

    -Lisa Marie

    1. Let us review this article first. Also, there is research already saying the contrary, see more here: https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2021/08/26/research-shows-fully-vaccinated-individuals-infected-with-covid-have-become-presymptomatic-superspreaders/

      Both the article you sent and this one linked above are pre-prints, so that means that both can be true according to their subjects, but may not be true for whole populations.

      Take note that in the research you sent, they studied patients, but there is no description of the overall health state of the participants in the study. Among the unvaccinated, how many had other comorbidities? Did any of the participants in the study test positive for COVID before? How many days has it been since the vaccination of these individuals? Is there any difference in the IVT of vaccinated individuals based on the number of days of vaccination? There are so many limitations to this study.

      We’ll go through their analysis later. 🙂

  2. Excellent article. The government never acknowledges that a large percentage of the unvaccinated have natural immunity from previous exposure to COVID. COVID has been circulating for 2 years already so the number of people who have contracted and cleared the virus is very large — probably over half of the people in the country. So, I seriously doubt the unvaccinated are overwhelming the hospitals.

    People with natural immunity chose to rely in their much superior natural immunity over a made in the laboratory inoculation. It is well-documented that COVID natural immunity is more robust than any COVID vaccine — as you have pointed out in previous articles.

    By blatantly ignoring natural immunity, I believe the government has a hidden agenda to coerce as many people as possible into taking the jab. Claiming the unvaccinated are overwhelming the hospitals — and demonizing the unvaccinated — is designed to advance this hidden agenda.

    1. We think that instead of making “claims”, they should just release the data. That could easily silence detractors and support their illegal rules. But the fact that they are not releasing data of hospitalizations categorized by vaccination status means that they are either not monitoring it (which begs the question: why?) or they have it and they are seeing the opposite of what they are expecting (Hello Mandaluyong!).

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