April 20, 2024

PAO Chief Atty Persida Acosta Calls for the LGUs Not to Discriminate Against the Vaccine-Free


On January 15, 2022, in her own Facebook account, Public Attorneys Office (PAO) Chief Persida V. Rueda-Acosta appealed to Local Government Units (LGUs), especially to the Barangay Captains, not to discriminate against unvaccinated individuals.

To quote a few of Atty. Acosta’s words “Pag-isipan po ng local governments units, wag po nating i-discriminate ang mga unvaccinated, please lang… Makakagawa kayong paglabag sa karapatang pantao kapag idiscriminate nyo ang mga unvaccinated.” (LGU must reconsider, please don’t discriminate the unvaccinated… Discrimination of the unvaccinated is against human rights).

See the video below where Atty. Acosta calls on LGU not to discriminate the vaccine-free. [This was originally posted on her Facebook account, https://fb.watch/ay69JB4QcL/]

PAO Chief Atty.Persida Acosta

This call from the PAO Chief has urged the media to react and on January 17, 2022, Atty. Acosta was interviewed by Karen Davila in ANC, and an accompanying article was published by ABS CBN News.

During the interview, Atty. Acosta cited the Bill of Rights section 1 which states that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law,” adding that “no person can be denied of equal protection of the law.”

Atty. Acosta added: “I think the policy of the mayors is highly unconstitutional and against the law because Republic Act 11525 states that vaccine cards shall not be necessary for educational, any transactions and yet they are syncopating. Nilalabag nila ang batas eh (they are violating the law), indirectly. Para bang you need magpabakuna para pasakayin ka (ng public transportation.” (It seems like you need to get vaccinated before you can ride public transportation.)

Editor’s Note: Our fight for freedom draws traction with mainstream media and government agencies.

This move from the PAO Chief is compelling since the vaccine-free masses are awaiting somebody to deliver the people’s pleas.

If we can recall, Atty. Acosta was the stronghold of the Dengvaxia victims last 2019. Her constant nagging in the mainstream media had opened up litigation. The case is still ongoing against former DOH Chief Janette Garin, Pharmaceutical Sanofi Pasteur executives, and other promoters. The victims were mainly from the grassroots level, and their stories reveal the kind of damage that is brought about by experimental vaccines [Did we forget our lessons from Dengvaxia?].

The Dengvaxia case does not differ from what is arising today. Dengvaxia casualties were not accorded many choices despite the experimental nature of the vaccine; those victims and the prevailing covid jab injured now have something in common. They were part of experiments.

This highlights to us what is lacking in the covid inoculation campaigns:

  1. Long term research for vaccine development. Dengvaxia has been in scientific investigation for years, it even used old tech for vaccine devevelopment, but still it caused antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Comparing this to covid jab with its warp speed development, what could possibly go wrong? [See Vaccines do not fully control Delta variant: Majority of COVID deaths are from vaccinated. Evidence of dangerous ADE at work; Study confirms possibility that vaccine recipients will face ADE injuries and deaths; What is pathogenic priming?]
  2. Informed consent. Parents were not informed that their children were going to be vaccinated. They were not told about side effects. And even if they are now going after all those who are responsible of the vaccination drive and corruptions would be revealed, it will never bring back the lives of those children or restore the health of the permanently injured. [See Physicians For Informed Consent release new documents discussing efficacy and risk of COVID vaccines vs. COVID infection; Without informed consent, COVID vaccines are illegal.]

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3 thoughts on “PAO Chief Atty Persida Acosta Calls for the LGUs Not to Discriminate Against the Vaccine-Free

  1. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta is a good decent and right person, funded in humanity principles, she surely has God with her and the people who feel or understand something is not quite right. Long live Persida and thank you for your decency.

    1. Indeed, we thank Atty. Acosta for continuing to uphold our children’s right to medical freedom. Based on her work with the Dengvaxia fiasco, she will not stop until she ensures that our children will not be forced to take these experimental shots.

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