April 17, 2024

What are the Constitutional and Scientific Bases for Restricting Movements of Vaccine-Free Citizens when COVID-19 Infects Anyone Regardless of Vaccination Status?


There is no scientific basis for the draconian COVID restrictions being imposed on vaccine-free individuals because there is no evidence so far that vaccines can reduce infections. Moreover, the latest “scary” variant, is known to cause mild disease which means that all the Omicron panic among governments is nonsense. These two facts support the position that there is no scientific or legal reason for the new vaccine mandates that punish the vaccine-free.

Aside from the fact that vaccine mandates are illogical, unscientific, and illegal, science is showing us that vaccines are unnecessary because the human immune system can fight off against this disease or any other emerging variants for that matter.

If vaccination was in any way effective, why then is the Philippines experiencing a new rise in infections when the vaccination rate is now much higher?

We have explained in our previous FAQ published on January 7, 2022, the plausible driving force for this new “surge”.

We were taught and advised that the lockdowns and other restrictions would flatten the curve, but where did it lead us? Despite restrictions and mass inoculation, covid-19 cases are far from flattening anytime soon. As long as the Philippine government, in particular, does not abandon the zero COVID strategy and put key metrics beyond the number of cases, there will be an endless cycle of draconian policies. Or is it possible that this is exactly what the government wants: continued control over its citizens? We discuss this idea in our FAQ published last January 10, 2022. The same article also explains why variants keep on emerging.

Even though experts warn us that there is an equal transmission between vaccinated and vaccine-free, Philippine Health authorities still blame the vaccine-free for the transmission. They think that restricting the movement of the unvaccinated could stop the virus. What these health authorities do not realize is that they are barking on the wrong tree. Scientific evidence shows that it is the vaccinated who are now drivers of viral spread.

The new restriction imposed by the government has caused turmoil to some vaccine-free citizens. Many have scurried to inoculation sites to get jabbed in fear of not being able to work.


Despite this, some government agencies are also pushing back and are adamant in the declaration that the Duterte government’s new mandate to restrict the vaccine-free from going out of their premises is illegal.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) cautions against the directive to arrest individuals who either refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or those unvaccinated who violate the stay-at-home restrictions of the government.

The resounding outcry against the state-sponsored discrimination has led the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo Año to clarify on Monday, January 10, this new directive. He says, “Individuals who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 will only be requested to go home and will not be arrested.”

This is contrary to his previous pronouncements that such detention of the vaccine-free is lawful.

Also, Atty. Bert Estrada, President of Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) has spoken up against the illegality of this move against the vaccine-free.

6 thoughts on “What are the Constitutional and Scientific Bases for Restricting Movements of Vaccine-Free Citizens when COVID-19 Infects Anyone Regardless of Vaccination Status?

  1. good morning,

    i really wish that mainstream media get to interview you, so that there will be balance. your site is keeping us informed and thank you very much!

    stay well and safe always

    1. The good news is at least mainstream radio stations are taking notice. Will find the latest interview of Nicanor at DZRH and share it here.

  2. NICK,

    Please consider asking THE CANDIDATES (from top to bottom) for the record to comment on this (or any other raised issue on this website).

    Publish all their comments under a SPECIAL TAB.

    Their comments made, IF ANY, could possibly be picked up by MSM.

  3. Other than God, there has to be some earthly arbiter or “officer” that can act any time governments/authorities run roughshod over their constituents with tyrannical acts (and unlawful measures). The Supreme Court is supposed to be the last option in a system like ours, but must the SC magistrates sit idly and wait for what they call the “legal process” to play out before acting, which by experience takes ages … meanwhile people are losing their jobs, livelihoods and businesses, suffer from mental health problems, etc. Do they see what’s happening around them? Are their consciences being pricked by the obvious sufferings and challenges of their countrymen? Can’t they intervene at the needed time to stop what’s obviously an evil agenda?

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