June 15, 2024

Will 90% COVID Inoculation Rate Protect Filipinos from Surge of New Cases and High Mortality?


Countries with over 90% vaccination rates are sporadically confronted by the new covid surges. Even Gibraltar, with 125% inoculation uptake (this is due to vaccination of non-residents), failed to eradicate covid.

Various data have shown us that covid jabs will not lead us to herd immunity. So, no, the COVID jabs will not protect Filipinos from new variants, covid surges, and fatality. Natural Immunity is the way out.

Philippine government advisers and health officials are adamant about vaccinating 90% of the population. What is their primary aim in doing this?

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes herd immunity as “the indirect protection from an infectious disease, which happens when a population becomes immune because of vaccination or immunity developed through previous infections.” However, our authorities in the Philippines are so engrossed in covid vaccination to reach the herd immunity threshold. What science are they following?

RA 11525 Section 2, C clearly states that the vaccination program recognizes the experimental nature of the covid-19 vaccine and compensates for any adverse events. With the Food and Drug Administration listings of potential side effects, why are authorities employing coercive measures instead of giving people informed consent and the right to refuse?

Covid jab procurement and donations keep coming in. When China has a new report on increasing numbers of vaccinated children diagnosed with leukemia, the Philippine FDA has approved Sinovac for pediatric use.

Note that China has no other vaccines except for their manufactured brands, not even Pfizer, with touted 95% efficacy rate.

With all the evidence worldwide pointing at the failure of covid jabs to protect people from covid infection and reinfection, why do governments also turn a blind eye to covid vaccine injuries and excess deaths?

Why do they continue to push for inoculation despite all the scientific data and safety signals? 

Once the Philippine government reaches its 90% goal of vaccination, what guarantee do we have that we will never experience occurrence in other countries? Are Filipinos spared from the onslaught of covid vaccine adverse events and deaths? That the covid doses here in the Philippines are indeed “safe and effective?”

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