April 17, 2024

Are the Chinese COVID Vaccines Safer for Children?


The data on Chinese COVID vaccines are not well-studied primarily because these have been rolled out in countries with less than stellar pharmacovigilance systems. And because the Chinese vaccines have not been rolled out both in the US and Europe, top scientists we typically rely on for safety information regarding the COVID shots have not been able to conduct assessments of these particular “vaccines”.

But if we scour the internet for news reports, then we see that the Chinese vaccines present an entirely distinct danger.

For example, leaked documents from Laishui County’s community health center in Baoding City in northern China’s Hebei Province show local people injected with Chinese-made vaccines have experienced various adverse reactions such as rashes, fever, nausea, diarrhea, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Some children have even suffered from leukemia after the COVID shots, while others have died.

Remember how Chinese citizens and the international community did not want to take their locally developed COVID shots?

The lack of data concerning the Chinese COVID vaccine is not surprising, seeing that country is well known for hiding and manipulating its true rate of adverse effects.

Remember how in the early days that the Chinese vaccines were rolled out, cases among countries that used Chinese COVID shots surged? This is not a mere coincidence. This phenomenon has a name: antibody-dependent enhancement.

Knowing the uncertainty regarding COVID vaccination for children, will you still have the confidence to inject your children with the COVID shot?

Unfortunately, the Philippine government is continuing to court danger as it just approved the Sinovac COVID shot as an alternative jab for the pediatric population.

As you read this article, remember this: children do not need any kind of COVID vaccine because their immune systems are healthy.

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